Atom Solutions Ltd.
Blvd. Alexander Stamboliiski 239
Sofia, Bulgaria
+ 359 887 622774
+ 359 887 622774 
Mr. Konstantin Dinev
General Manager
+ 359 887 622 774
<p><strong>Our company is separated in several divisions:</strong><br />&nbsp;<br /> Atom Solutions - provides full IT services in web development, mobile development (cross-platform and native), design, UI/UX, consulting and much more. We have over 500 completed projects and over 9 years&rsquo; successful company history. We are constantly expanding our services and upgrading our skills. Our latest addition is Wiener Games which is a mobile/web gaming company. Whether you need a small corporate CMS driven website or huge backend platform and APIs we are the right partner for the job.<br /> <br /> Atom Development - provides you with first class dedicated IT teams for your B2B, B2C, E-commerce, Fintech, Media, Tech Company. We hand-pick the most talented and experiences people here in Sofia for you according to your needs and specification and form them to a high performing new development location with your company's spirit and the drive to create and build great things together.<br /> <br /> <strong>Company Services</strong></p>
<li>Web development (Backend/Frontend)</li>
<li>Mobile applications (iOS/Android)</li>
<li>Dedicated resources (developers for hire)</li>
<li>Graphics &amp; Web design (UI/GUI)</li>
<li>2D&amp;3D Animations/Artwork</li>
<li>TV/Video clips (promo videos)</li>
<li>Cross-platform solutions</li>
<li>Games (Mobile &amp; Web)</li>
<p>For more information, view <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>.<br /> <br /> Our team consists of 30+ specialists (most of which frontend and backend developers).</p>
<li>We are experienced web entrepreneurs, project leaders, architects and developers in the field of MYSQL, PHP, NodeJS, Frameworks, iOS/Android, Actionscript, HTML5/CSS, Javascript and much more, and will support you in your projects based on the same technology because we are experts in it, too and we can succeed at eye level.</li>
<li>We don't build extended work benches but integrated, valued, motivated and dedicated team of yours. We do anything to build an at least as driven and first class team in your new location Sofia as at all your other locations and strive for that spirit with every team member.</li>
<li>We support you wherever we can and wherever you tell us and show a maximum of flexibility and dedication in finding a suitable solution for you, e.g. with covering peaks in your development needs short- or mid-term with our project-based web-experts to get all your projects done in time and quality.</li>
<li>We deeply believe in fair, honest and transparent relations with our clients, your team members in Sofia and at all other locations. We give honest feedback as a partner of yours and encourage every team member to do so as well. We value the trust you showed to us by allowing us to build your team.</li>
<p>Our Network</p>
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<p>Contact Us</p>
<li>We are looking forward to hearing from you and answering any questions you might have. Don't hesitate to approach us.</li>
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Raiffeisen Bank
SG ExpressBank
Deutsche Post
MSD Merck&Co.
Sony PlayStation
ClassMarkets (part of Immobilien network)
HDI Insurance
TNS Marketing
Orange Center
Headspace UK
<p><strong>Atom Solutions</strong>&nbsp;was established at the end of 2003, founded by young (at that time) specialists and influential partners, not only in Sofia, Bulgaria, but abroad as well. With more than 200 clients in our showcase we can proudly announce our company as very fast growing.&nbsp;For the time being we have worked on all kind of web based projects, complex and important web solutions and stand alone applications. <br /><br />Our team consists of about 30 professionals mostly from which developers. We are fully concentrated and dedicated to what we do and we are always willing to go the extra mile (or sometimes even ten!). We know how to lead projects and complete them with full client satisfaction using latest technologies for PM, multiple frameworks and technologies all around. We always consult and advise our partners and clients on the right approach and technology for their projects and needs.</p>
We develop custom web & mobile applications for different organizations. We are outsourcing IT services for over 10 years. From concept designs & wireframes to complex applications and platforms - we do it all
Konstantin Dinev
<p><strong>Austria Office:</strong></p>
<li>H&auml;hergasse 33, A-2324 Rannersdorf</li>
<li>Business hours: 08:00-18:00</li>
<li>Tel.: +43 699 1277 0347</li>
<li>Tel.: +43 664 357 1646</li>
Austria Office
IT, Software
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