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<p>In February 1997, a system of vocational trainings for international freight forwarders organised by ELFA and the training company EMI EWT was launched, where those who pass the one-year vocational training course have a possibility to receive the FIATA Diploma for passing a training programme meeting the minimum standards to obtain the FIATA Diploma in Freight Forwarding (by vocational training and examination). The FIATA Diploma is widely accepted in the freight forwarding circles of the whole world. In October 2007, FIATA issued an education licence to a new study programme conforming to the improved standards; the Tallinn University of Applied Sciences carries out the FIATA diploma training on the basis of this study programme in co-operation with ELFA.</p>
<p>Freight Forwarding, Logistics</p>
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<p>ELFA is a volunteer association of legal persons engaged in international freight forwarding and the provision of logistics services. The objective of the organization is to represent and protect the common professional interests of the members of ELFA, prevent unfair competition, and contribute to the development of legislation related to its area of activity and the distribution of all relevant information.</p>
<p>In order to achieve the set objectives, ELFA organizes sessions, prepares presentations, and co-operates with organizations and officials of Estonia and other countries. ELFA is a non-profit association.</p>
ELFA - Estonian Logistics and Freight Forwarding Associations foundation meeting was held on 6 December
1994 in Tallinn. Today, ELFA unites 51 companies engaged in international transport and freight forwarding or the provision of other logistics services.
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