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Okmeydani-SIslI/ Istanbul, Turkey
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+ 90 212 222 81 93
H. Ahmet Ilhan
Chairman Of The Board
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<p>Boiler and Pressure Vessel Manufacturers Association has been established at 1985 in Istanbul. KBSB is the only association that represents the boiler industry of Turkey in an international manner.</p>
<p>The aim of this association is to bring all the Turkish boiler and pressure vessel equipment manufacturers together under a structure.</p>
<p>This unification will help the sector to improve and to make them heard through the Turkey and all over the world. Turkish boiler manufacturing capabilities increased a lot especially within last 50 years.All kinds of heating boilers starting from tens of kW up to several MW capacities can be made with high quality. Biomass or gas / oil fired steel boilers and cast ironboilers are being manufactured according to EN norms and being exported to all over the world with success.</p>
<p>Beyond heating boilers, steam boilers, thermal oil heatersand power boilers are being made inTurkey.</p>
<p>Turnkey solutions for industrial applications are provided. With its well trained and experienced human resource, Turkish boiler manufacturers are able to give after sales service in all the countries.</p>
<p>As a result of high developed communication technologies and globalization,Turkey became a very good subcontractor in the boiler making industry field. The low labor cost, easy access to raw materials and developed transportation facilities brings Turkey a great advantage. Turkey is in the common market of European Union. EU countries do not apply custom fees for the goods exported from Turkey.</p>
<p>Turkey is increasing its market share as OEM boiler making for especially European Companies andas a boiler&rsquo;s parts supplier.</p>
<p>With its stable and growing economy and well developed industry, Turkey and Turkish Boiler Manufacturers are ready to receive new business requests.</p>
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Boiler and Pressure Vessel Manufacturers Association
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