Naugarduko str. 102-403
Vilnius, Lithuania
+370 5 277 90 36
Monika Petkeviciute
Secretary general
<p>Goals<br />&bull; To represent the interests of its members in governmental, social and international organisations<br />&bull; To develop relations with international freight forwarding and logistic organisations<br />&bull; To improve the quality of Lithuanian freight forwarding and logistic services<br />&bull; To organise vocational training for freight forwarders</p>
<p>Achievements<br />&bull; LINEKA together with other business organisations, national and municipal institutions is involved in lawmaking processes, legislation drafting, approval and elaboration. The Association has drafted, approved and coordinated with concerned institutions the General Freight Forwarding Terms and Conditions of Lithuanian Freight Forwarders, which are observed by the members of the Association. In 2001, the Association initiated inclusion of a separate paragraph on transport forwarding activities into the new Civil Code.<br />&bull; Since 1996, the Association has been organising training for FIATA freight forwarder&rsquo;s diploma. At the FIATA Global Congress held in Bangkok in October 2010, the LINEKA association received certification of the extended training programme of over 500 academic hours, consisting of 15 different modules. FIATA diploma grants the highest international qualification to a freight forwarder. It is a personal (awarded to an employee not to a company) diploma issued in Zurich.<br />&bull; LINEKA is a partner of the international conference Transbaltica. Every year, the Association takes part in organising traditional transport and logistic forum of the Business News.</p>
<p>Freight Forwarding, Logistics</p>
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<p>Over 70 companies and organizations are&nbsp;engaged in freight forwarding and logistic business or closely related with this business. Our members contribute greatly to Lithuania&rsquo;s economy by producing over 60% of the gross product earned in transport sector.</p>
<p>Structure<br />LINEKA is structured into Working Blocks each in their turn dealing with every aspect that affects the international movement of freight:</p>
<p>&bull; Vocational training of freight forwarders and logisticservice providers. Person in charge: Vice-President Dainius Petravicius<br />&bull; Membership, collaboration and development. Person in charge: Vice-President Arunas Bertasius<br />&bull; Block of legal regulation, finances and insurance protection of freight forwarders and logistic service providers. Person in charge: Vice-President Ignas Puluikis</p>
LINEKA - Lithuanian National Association of Forwarders and Logistics was founded In 1993. It is the member of International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations FIATA
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