Savanoriu pr. 176 C - 803
Vilnius, Lithuania
+370 5 231 2520
Danuta Murygina
Project Manager
+370 5 239 2950
<p><strong>We want to improve engineering industry business environment:</strong><br />&bull; We organise, evaluate and propose improvements for legal acts;<br />&bull; Organise discussions with government, education and science institutions;<br />&bull; Form government opinion about improvement of sector business environment;<br />&bull; Prepare business environment analysis;<br />&bull; Represent members in work groups, conferences, assemblies, various committees and commissions (LPK, CEEMET, EFFRA, ORGALIME, ManuFuture, kt.) <br /><br /><strong>We want to encourage export development:</strong><br />&bull; We provide information about business opportunities and terms abroad; <br />&bull; Organise exhibitions, missions; <br />&bull; Mediate communicating with business attache;<br />&bull; Disseminate legal publications for international trade;<br />&bull; Help find partners in Lithuania and abroad;<br />&bull; Publish sector enterprises catalogue and administrate the database;<br />&bull; Consult in export management;<br />&bull; Educate Your employees.<br /><br />We want to encourage R&amp;D synergy between science institutions and business enterprises. We want to improve VET and competence quality in Lithuania.</p>
<p><strong>Why do we work?<br /></strong>&bull; To improve terms of businessmen and scientists activity in Lithuania and abroad;<br />&bull; Members could get complex services like representation, mediation, networking organizing, help in getting financial aid, technological education, knowledge management and worker education;<br />&bull; To help sectorial enterprises to manufacture and export high added value products, services and solutions;<br />&bull; To create circumstances for improving worker qualification and management abilities; <br />&bull; To compile and convey information about the potential of sectorial businessmen and scientists;<br />&bull; To help engineering industry enterprises to become leaders of Lithuanian economy.</p>
<p>Metal Products, Machinery and Equipment, Electro Mechanics and Electronics, Plastics, Rubber</p>
<p>Our goal is to increase business competitiveness and internationalization, improve export of products and services, increase synergy between scientists and engineers activity. We take part in improving quality of VET (Vocational education and training) in Lithuania.</p>
LINPRA - Engineering Industries Association of Lithuania is an a independent business organization. We represent metal products, machinery and equipment, electro mechanics and electronics, plastics and rubber industry companies interests on international and national level.
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