OptiBuy Sp. z o.o.
Jana Kazimierza 3
Warsaw, Poland
+48 22 253 74 56
Dr. Tomasz Gonsior
+48 600 253 406
<p>We provide intelligent consultancy services in the field of purchasing &ndash; from analysis through strategic consultancy, all the way to full implementation of the proposed solutions, including IT tools. OptiBuy&rsquo;s experts are characterised by a profound knowledge of purchase activities, production processes, organisational structures and also commercial and technical know-how. OptiBuy develops optimum solutions for each of its clients using a holistic and interdisciplinary approach.<br />The areas in which we assist our clients:</p>
<li>Cost optimization</li>
<li>Global Sourcing</li>
<li>Procurement Outsourcing</li>
<li>e-Procurement tools</li>
<p>Which industries you are working for: Machine building, Automotive, Aerospace, Agriculture, Consumer goods, Cosmetics &amp; Fashion, Retail, Health &amp; Pharma, Energy, Finance</p>
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Apco Technologies, Axpo, Bayer, Boa Group, Bobst, Claas, Eto Magnetic, Geberit, HAMM, L'Oreal, Mettler Toledo, Meyer Burger, Mikron, Munters, Reichle & De-Massari, Schleuninger, Seco Warwick, Tecan, Windmöller & Hölscher and more
<p>OptiBuy is an international consulting company specialized in procurement optimization, global sourcing and implementation of modern IT tools for the management of the supply chain. Over a period of over 10 years we carried out over 200 projects concerning optimization of costs and procurement processes, owing to which we generated on average savings of 10% for our clients per their total expenditure.</p>
<p>Our offices around the world: Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic and China.</p>
OptiBuy is a specialised procurement consulting company offering broad range of outstanding procurement solutions, using an international network of offices, extensive market knowledge and advanced set of IT tools. We are the most experienced global sourcing consultancy in CEE region.
2 Mio Euro
2 Mio Euro
PL 1080008115
Warsaw, Kielce, Berlin, Prague, Frauenfeld, Hangzhou
Events you already took part in: 
4th CEE Procurement & Supply Forum Prague 2017
Procon/Polzak 2017
procurement consulting, Cost optimization, Global Sourcing, Procurement Outsourcing, e-Procurement tools
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