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Selcuk Mutlu
Secretary General
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<p>Turkish Plastics Industrialists&rsquo; Association - PAGDER, which was established in 1969 for the purpose of assembling manufacturing companies in Turkish Plastics industry under the same roof, maintains its undertaken mission succesfully for 45 years. Turkish Plastics Industrialists&rsquo; Association - PAGDER, with its over 500 member companies, is the most effective non-governmental organization of Turkish plastics and plastic processing machineries industries.</p>
<p>To-be good example of a industrial non-governmental organization, representing Turkish plastics industry entirely in national and international platforms, vindicate and could be a Pioneer, agenda-setter and arbiter.</p>
<p>Supporting its members with the power it derives from unity, providing public authorities with assistance for generating solution oriented incentives and policies that consider the Turkish plastics sectoras a whole, and creating platforms and conditions to make our country one of the leading centers of global plastics sector.</p>
<p>PAGDER has led the way to establishment of the Federation of Plastics Industrialists that was intended for union of all plastics sector under the same roof, creating synergy, and that brings together 9 important associations comprising over 1000 member companies.</p>
<p>PAGDER makes analyses and develops suggestions that will help public authorities for the solution of the problems of Turkish plastics sector that grows at a fast pace with its problems growing at the same rate. In the Self Assessment Workshop that was organized with participation of all actors in the sector in 2010, the eight weakest aspects ofthe plastics sector were grouped as follows, and PAGDER scheduled its activities for improvement and developmentof the eight weakest aspects of the sector.</p>
<p>Sector with highly negative image</p>
<p>Foreign-source dependency in terms of raw materials and high energy cost</p>
<p>No supervision in import of goods and machinery</p>
<p>Sector with no standards</p>
<p>Sector with no qualified intermediate staff</p>
<p>No cooperation and collaboration in the sector</p>
<p>Sector with no price stability</p>
<p>High competition, no profitability</p>
<p>PAGDER cooperates and collaborates with all domestic non-governmental organizations related to plastics, playing active roles in platforms that concern the sector.</p>
<p>PAGDER successfully represents the Turkish plastics and plastics processing machinery sectors in following international umbrella organizations it is affiliated with.</p>
<p>PAGDER creates common platforms for international sectors by signing cooperation agreements with plastics associations of various countries.</p>
<p>PAGDER provides the sector with technical booklets that may be effective in boosting the manufacturing efficiency of sector representatives, and paves the way for introduction of Turkish plastics sector in foreign markets and increasing the sector&rsquo;s exports.</p>
<p>While contributing to preparation of quarterly PLASFEDMAGAZINE and conveying it to domestic and foreign platforms, PAGDER also introduces our sector to outside world with its interactive website.</p>
<p>PAGDER performs sales representation of world&rsquo;s leading trade fairs in Turkey, pioneers the organization of individual and national participation in such fairs and organizes sectoral tours for promoting the companies and increasing their exports. On the other hand, it establishes technical, commercial, and educational relationships with sectoral associations in such countries to introduce high-technology manufacturing capabilities of its members and our plastics sector to these global markets.</p>
<p>In order to enhance public awareness on plastics, PAGDER conducts plastics perception studies, and prepares reports and press releases to inform public and media about attacks on plastics.</p>
<p>PAGDER has completed its endeavors for establishment of PAGDER &amp; ASLAN Organized Industrial Zone Specialized in Plastics in KIrklareli for creating a modern manufacturing area and driving the manufacturers of plastics out of the city center by bringing plastics manufacturers together.</p>
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Turkish Plastics Industrialists´ Association
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