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29 Alabin Street
Sofia, Bulgaria
+3592 988 40 44
Alexander Chenger
International Relations
+359 2 987 20 64
<p>They produce: metal-working machines and tools, woodworking machines, hydraulics, engine-driven and batterydriven trucks, machines and equipment for the food, tobacco and wine industry, refrigerating engineering, agricultural machinery, heavy machines and equipment, motor vehicles, ships, metal products etc. Members of the Branch Chamber are the casting production firms which traditionally are connected with the machine building. <br /><br />The Branch Chamber member-companies manufacture about 70 % of the Bulgarian machine building products. In order to realize a better coordination in consideration and solution of specific problems concerning firms in one and the same sector, several unions (attached to the Branch Chamber) were established, namely: Foundry Practice Union, Truck Making Industry Union and Refrigerating and Conditioning Machinery Union. By other sector companies wish, new unions could be founded.</p>
<p>The activities of the Chamber are versatile and aimed mainly at supporting the development of the companies and raising the level of their competitiveness. By tradition, the Chamber renders assistance in establishing and enlarging of business connections between Bulgarian and foreign firms and organizations, based on mutual interest. <br /><br />BBCMB is an associated member to the European employers&rsquo; organization of the metal- engineering and electro industries (CEEMET) in Brussels. The Bulgarian foundry union is an integral associated part to the Branch chamber, is also a member of CAEF- the European foundry association.</p>
<p>Agricultural Machinery; Automobile and Motor Machine-Building; Conditioning Machinery; Heavy Machines and Equipment; Machines and Equipment for the Food, Tobacco and Wine Industry; Metal-Working Machines and Tools; Refrigerating Machinery/Engineering; Wood-Working Machines and Equipment; Air Conditioning Equipment; Domestic Appliances; Hydraulics; Hydraulic Elements/Systems/Auxiliary Equipment; Material Handling Equipment; Merchant Equipment; Metal Products; Motor Vehicles; Production of Semi-Finished Products, Engine-Driven and Battery-Driven Trucks; Ship building and Repair; Other Machines, Equipment, Products or Tooling</p>
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<p>The Bulgarian Branch Chamber&ndash; Machine Building is a voluntary legal body. It was established in the autumn of 1991. Members of the Chamber are more than 300 companies &ndash; basic producers from all sectors of the Machine Building.</p>
BBCMB - Bulgarian Branch Chamber - Machine Building is a non-profit association for rendering assistance, encouragement, representation and protection of the interests of its members.
Serifali Mah. Çetin Cad. KIzkalesi Sok. No.1 Elite Plaza B Blok Kat:2 D:6
Ümraniye Istanbul, Turkey
+ 90 216 469 44 96
+ 90 216 469 44 95
Hüseyin Musa Yüksel
+ 90 216 469 44 96
<p>Air conditioning and refrigeration industry emerging in Turkeyin the 1950s has developed rapidly. ISKID was founded in with the support of leading companies and people in 1993 to carry out activities to make this development better and faster.</p>
<p>The number of companies represented by ISKID members have reached to 106 in 2015. These companies represent 80-90% of Turkey&lsquo;s market for most products.</p>
<p>Today ISKID Air Conditioning andRefrigeration equipment manufacturers with the Turkish authorized representatives of international manufacturers conduct Turkey&lsquo;s conduct activities for air-conditioning sector development and sector totake the lead in terms of inthe international competition.</p>
<p>ISKID make efforts tosolve the problems of its members byproviding cooperation between the members; protects the rights of airconditioning consumers and company within national and international level; acts environmental friendly andcontributes to the country&lsquo;s economy when meeting the heating and cooling needs of the country.</p>
<li>Development of research development infrastructure of sector and university-industry collaboration</li>
<li>Promoting thetraining of skilled labor suitable to the sector</li>
<li>Promoting the use of renewable energy sources, high efficiency products, innovative technologies and applications</li>
<li>Improving the effectiveness of national and international media</li>
<li>Updatingand monitoring the regulations and standards, creating specificationwhen necessary and protecting the reliable industry image by preventing unfair competition and by enabling our market supervision</li>
<li>Strengthening industry-government relations</li>
<li>Introducingthe good quality Turkish goods to international markets to increase the reputation</li>
<li>Issues such as the enhancement of cooperation with international organizations hasbeen adopted as the main focus.</li>
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Air-Conditioning an Refrigeration Manufacturers´ Association

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