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DI industrial spol. s r.o.
Purkynova 3050/99a
612 00
Brno, Czech Republic
+420 541 212 249
Pavel Sedlacek
+420 734 258 130
<p>Conventional Machining; Machines, Parts and Complex Equipment; CNC machining; Mechanical andElectrical Installations; Turning; Milling; Welding; Surface Treatment</p>
<p><em>Photos Kontakt/News/Events/Profil and Video:&nbsp;</em><em>DI industrial spol. s r.o.</em>
<p>The company has been equipped for conventional machiningas well as for CNC machining, realization of heat andsurface treatment, testing, mechanical and electrical installationsand installations requiring high level of cleanliness.</p>
<p>The broad range of services and technologies offered byDI industrial allows us to supply various steps of customers&acute; production process and thus shorten their leadtimes and optimize supply chain. Thanks to highly qualifiedworkers, our services also include the option of projectingand designing technological solutions.</p>
<p>Engineering Production and Mechanic Components include very accurate parts designed for industrialuse, especially machine parts for electron microscopes,vacuum equipment, cryogenic and laboratoryapplications and for other machinery.</p>
<p>Production of parts and accurate pieces made of commonlyused light alloy steels, and of special materials,including surface finishing.</p>
<p>Machined and wrought parts (cutting, pressing, bending) Welded Components.</p>
<p>Production of welded parts and units for various use</p>
<p>Welding and soldering of structural steel, stainless steeland light alloys, installations, installation of mechanic assemblies and electromechanicalassemblies, including testing, installation requiring high level of cleanliness for preciseand fine mechanics in special premises.</p>
DI industrial spol. s r.o., was founded in 1994 and it resumed the good tradition of Tesla Brno. Since its foundation,it has been specialized mainly in production of highly sophisticated machine parts, subassemblies, machines and complex equipment specified by customers. 
ISO 9001
Ethnic Friendly Employer
Green Company
DI industrial spol. s r.o.
Conventional Machining; Machines, Parts and Complex Equipment; CNC machining; Mechanical and Electrical Installations; Turning; Milling; Welding; Surface Treatment
Televizoriu st. 3
 + 370 699 21343 
 +370 415 40604
Vaida Sileniene 
Sales and marketing manager 
+370 655 38811
<p>Engineering; Metal Processing Services; 3D Laser Cutting; Bending; CNC Machinery and Accessories; CNC Milling; CNC Turning-Milling; Cutting; Laser Cutting; Punching; Welding; Powder Coating.</p>
<p><em>Photos Kontakt/News/Events/Profil and Video:&nbsp;</em><em>FORTAS UAB</em>
<p>FORTAS is a trademark owned by Plieno fortas, JSC. We have 22 years&rsquo; experience to produce different metal parts for different industry companies: from furniture to automotive. Today, FORTAS is one of the most modern steel processing plants in Eastern Europe. The production area is over 9 thousand square meters. Investments reach over 10 million litas.</p>
<p>The manufacturing base consists of unique laser cutting machines, high-speed CNC stamping presses, bending presses with 8 programmable axes and a synchronous hoist, sheet metal cutting machines, digital welding robot and other equipment. For coating we use a powder&nbsp;coating &nbsp;line and a metal decorating equipment which is unsurpassed in Eastern Europe.</p>
<p>FORTAS employs 120 highly-skilled and professional employees. Service and product quality is ensured by the company&lsquo;s product quality testing laboratory, employees&rsquo; certifications, quality management,environmental protection, and occupation health and safety management certificates issued by DNV. Certificates: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, EN 1090, OHAS 18001.</p>
FORTAS is committed to manufacturing products and providing services that always meet the customers
The quality and environmental management system according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards has been prepared, implemented and certified. On 12 December 2005 the international certification body Det Norske Veritas awarded certificates attesting to the compliance of the quality and environmental management system with requirements of international standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.
Engineering; Metal Processing Services; 3D Laser Cutting; Bending; CNC Machinery and Accessories; CNC Milling; CNC Turning-Milling; Cutting; Laser Cutting; Punching; Welding; Powder Coating
HAJDU Autotechnika Ipari Plc.
HAJDU Industrial Park, Külterület, hrsz
Téglás, Hungary
Mr. Zoltán MEZEI
Business Development Manager
+36 52 582 743
+36 52 384 705
<p>In the course of its supplier activities to the automotive industry HAJDU Autotechnika Ipari Zrt. manufactures components, primarily through the use of sheet metal fabrication and sheet formation metalworking technologies. We design and produce the tools required for the manufacturing of products on the basis of plans or models, and ensure our clients receive a continuous supply of components.&nbsp;</p>
<p><strong>HAJDU Autotechnika Ipari Plc</strong>. is active primarily as a manufacturer of <strong>parts</strong> and <strong>components</strong> supplied to the <strong>automotive industry</strong>, as well as a designer and producer of <strong>manufacturing equipment</strong>.</p>
<p><em>Photos Kontakt/News/Events/Profil and Video:&nbsp;</em><em>HAJDU Autotechnika Ipari Plc.</em>
Mercedes Benz

and others.
<p>Hajd&uacute;s&aacute;gi Iparm was established in 1952, primarily as a military contractor. It began manufacturing household appliances from 1957, steadily expanding its product range and increasing the volume of its export sales. With a range of proprietary products as well as goods manufactured under license, and with the development of its manufacturing technologies, by the 1980s it had grown to become a medium-sized industrial concern. In 1993 the company was transformed into a joint stock company (Rt.), and in the course of privatization it came into the ownership of Hungarian private investors.</p>
<p>In order primarily to leverage its free capacities, the company began to market its services to automotive industry suppliers, initially in 1996 and then more intensively from 2002 (alongside its core activity mainly with sheet metal formed parts).</p>
<p>In October 2005 HAJDU&nbsp; was unbundled to form three separate companies, one of which was HAJDU Autotechnika Ipari Zrt. The establishment of this company was made necessary by the dynamic growth (in terms of both volume and diversity) in automotive industry orders, and an expansion of the customer base.</p>
<p>Towards to have the competitiveness of the company saved and reaction to the increased requirements &nbsp;of market&nbsp;at the summer of 2017 &nbsp;a new 4500m2 place production and logistics hall is transmitted, where an 800 and 1250 tonn hydraulic, together with a 630 tonn mechanical-servo controlled stamping machines were installed.With the investment there will be a product &nbsp;portfolio widening and opening towards new marketplaces, which means another new strategic milestone at the life of the HAJDU group.</p>
In the course of its supplier activities to the automotive industry HAJDU Autotechnika Ipari Zrt. manufactures components, primarily through the use of sheet metal fabrication and sheet formation metalworking technologies.
We design and produce the tools required for the manufacturing of products on the basis of plans or models, and ensure our clients receive a continuous supply of components.
ISO 9001
Business Superbrands 2016
MagyarBrands 2017
 "AAA" financial classification 2017
 Diverse Organistation TOP10
 Award 2015
 Supplier of the Year 2016
Bisnode Dun & Bradstreet Diamond Certificate
uploads/tx_usersebme/companies/682/company_brochure/1/ISO-TS_16949_certificate_-_until_14-09-2018.jpg::ISO/TS 16949
uploads/tx_usersebme/companies/682/company_brochure/1/ISO_14001_-_English_-_until_26-11-2020.jpg::ISO 14001 certificate
uploads/tx_usersebme/companies/682/company_brochure/2/ISO_9001_-_English_-_until_15-09-2018.jpg::ISO 9001
Hajdu Autotechnika Imagefilm
Metalwork, Metal components, Sheet metal forming, Sheet metal fabrication, Manufacturing tools, Welding, Chemical surface treatment 
Intek sp. z.o.o.
Radom, Poland
+48 89 645 31 73
+48 89 645 31 95
 Dorota Szameit
Project manager
+48 48 383 52 33
<p>Over 50-year company&rsquo;s experience and skills of the new company's executives are being used to achieve these objectives.</p>
<p><strong>1.Robotics:</strong><br />The company offers modern, innovative and robotized production systems, that help increase productivity and product quality, ergonomics and safety and thus reducing the labor costs. See video <a href="" target="_blank">here</a></p>
<p><strong>2.Automation:</strong><br />The company INTEK offers a wide range of automatic machines of interoperational transport for use individually or to implement in existing or new production line<br /><strong><br />3.Design<br /></strong>Mechanical: AutoCad, SolidWorks, Inventor <br />Electrical: EPlan5<em> </em><br />Software</p>
<p><strong>4. Various steel constructions, industrial buildings and appliances.</strong></p>
<p>The company has a team of engineers trained in mechanics, robotics and its own manufacturing facility with a powerful machine park. This enables the production and supervision over the quality of offered devices, ranging from mechanical and electrical design, trough control cabinet, and ending with installing and commissioning at the customer.</p>
<p><em>Photos Kontakt/News/Events/Profil and Video:&nbsp;</em><em>Intek sp. z.o.o.&nbsp;</em>
<p>INTEK Ltd. company was founded on the basis of its 52 year-old predecessor POM (1952). It took over productionin course, as well as the entire personnel with it&acute;s experience and traditions. INTEK company has many years of experience and extensive knowledge in the development and integration of machinery, equipmentand industrial automation systems.</p>
INTEK Ltd. company was founded on the basis of its 52 year-old  predecessor POM (1952). It took over production in course, as well as the entire personnel with its experience and traditions. Gained experience has been confirmed by large number of certifications
Janusz Stefa
Integrated Management System Certificate JBS 99/6/2014 PN-EN ISO 9001:2009, PN-N-18001:2004, PN-EN ISO 14001:2005
Certificate IQNet PN-EN ISO 9001:2009 i PN-EN ISO 14001:2005
The certificate of qualification nr 130/30/V/2007 Institute of Welding in Gliwice
Certificate SLV - Berlin - DIN EN ISO 3834-2
Certificate SLV - Berlin - DIN EN 15085 -2
Certificate SLV - Berlin - DIN 18800-7: 2008-11
The EC Certificate of Factory Production Control FPC
The Welding Certificate EN 1090 -1
Certificate TÜV  CE 0035 Nr 01 202 PL P-06 001
Certificate TÜV 01 202 PL/U -09 005
Visualization System Integrator Certificate Wonderware
Scandinavian certificate NDT No. GDA-13-4749 with Approval Programme No. 402B
Design,Automation,Robotics,Construction, Machine
Kovikor d.o.o.
Dvor 21 b
Smartno pri Litiji, Slowenien
+386 1 899 21 00
+386 1 898 73 24
Herr Miha Knez
+386 1 899 2100
<p>Die Firma Kovikor kann Ihnen eine umfassende L&ouml;sung im Bereich Kaltschmieden anbieten, und weil wir &uuml;ber unseren eigenen Werkzeugbau verf&uuml;gen, sind wir sehr flexibel und schnell. Ebenso k&ouml;nnen wir Ihnen Werkzeugmacherdienstleistungen anbieten wie z.B. Stanz-Erosion, Drahterosion, CNC-Fr&auml;sen, Drehen und Schleifen. F&uuml;r Sie entwickeln wir CAD-CAM-Modelle, und auf dieser Grundlage f&uuml;hren wir die von Ihnen erw&uuml;nschten Dienstleistungen durch.</p>
<p>Schon von den Anf&auml;ngen des Unternehmens war unsere Hauptt&auml;tigkeit Kaltumformung von Spezialteilen nach Zeichnungen bis zur 250 mm L&auml;nge. In der Produktion benutzen wir folgende Materialien: Stahl (4.6-12.9), feuerbest&auml;ndiges Stahl, Kupfer, Messing, Edelstahl und Aluminium. F&uuml;r alle Produkte bieten wir die geeignete W&auml;rmebehandlung und Oberfl&auml;chenschutz.</p>
<p><strong>Qualit&auml;t</strong><br />Standard f&uuml;r Qualit&auml;tsmanagement</p>
<p>Wegen der Anforderungen der Automobilindustrie ist das Unternehmen schon seit 2002 nach dem Standard ISO 9001 zertifiziert, im Jahr 2008 wurde das System nach ISO/TS 16949 erweitert. Wir haben die M&ouml;glichkeit der g&auml;nzlichen Endkontrolle der Produkte im eigenen Labor mit modernster Ausstattung. Wir k&ouml;nnen auch folgendes messen:</p>
<li>H&auml;rte nach HV, HRC und HB</li>
<li>Messung der Zugfestigkeit Rm</li>
<li>Korrosionstest - Salzspr&uuml;hnebelpr&uuml;fung nach ISO 9227</li>
<li>R&ouml;ntgenmessung der Dicke der Metallbeschichtung</li>
<li>Mikroskopieren bis 1000-facher Vergr&ouml;&szlig;erung</li>
<p><em>Fotos Kontakt/News/Events/Profil und Video:&nbsp;</em><em>Kovikor d.o.o.</em>
<p>Das Familienunternehmen Kovikor ist spezialisierter Hersteller von Kaltformteilen, Stanzteilen und Feinstanzteilen, haupts&auml;chlich f&uuml;r die Automobilindustrie. Mit 33 Jahren Erfahrung, hoch motivierten und qualifizierten Mitarbeitern und modernen Maschinen f&uuml;r Produktionund Qualit&auml;tspr&uuml;fung erreichen wir hochwertige Produkte und kurze Lieferzeiten.</p>
<p>Unsere Produkte entsprechen ISO 9001 und ISO / TS 16949.</p>
<p>Von der Konkurrenz heben wir uns ab durch:</p>
<li>erfahrene Mitarbeiter</li>
<li>kurze Lieferzeiten</li>
<li>einen eigenen Werkzeugbau</li>
<li>eine eigene H&auml;rterei.</li>
Das Familienunternehmen Kovikor ist spezialisierter Hersteller von Kaltformteilen, Stanzteilen und Feinstanzteilen, hauptsächlich für die Automobilindustrie.
Unsere Produkte entsprechen ISO 9001 und ISO / TS 16949.
SI 22289429
ISO 9001
ISO/TS 16949
uploads/tx_usersebme/companies/730/company_brochure/1/KOVIKOR-9001-CERTIFICATE_SLO_ENG.pdf::ISO 9001:2008
uploads/tx_usersebme/companies/730/company_brochure/2/KOVIKOR_CERTIFICATE_ISO_TS_17022017.pdf::ISO/TS 16949:2009
Tinklu str. 7N 
 Panevezys, Lithuania
+ 370 45 50 23 10 
+370 45 50 23 11
Erlandas Janenas 
 Managing Director 
+370 45 50 23 10 
<p>Metal; Metal Bending; Metal Cutting; Metal Constructions; Metal Parts and Components; Metal Punching; Unwinding</p>
<p><em>Photos Kontakt/News/Events/Profil and Video:&nbsp;</em><em>LANKMETA UAB</em>
<p>Much attention is paid to the quality of our products. Raw materials of high quality are used, which are supplied by major producers of raw materials &ndash; concerns &ldquo;Ruukki&rdquo; (Finland) and &ldquo;ArcelorMittal&rdquo; (Germany).Our company processes different materials: galvanized metal, ferrous metal, stainless steel, aluminum, and copper. We offer a broad assortment of services: unwinding of metal rolls, straightening, cutting with guillotine shears, bending, punching, powder-coating. The company&rsquo;s key to success lies in the many years of experience in exporting the production to eastern and western countries, reliable relationships with business partners, fast response to customer needs and qualified staff. We cherish all customers.</p>
Quality defines our responsible approach to fulfillment of customer 
needs by supplying the best products and providing the best services.
Quality is controlled in each step of the process, starting with the procurement of raw materials to delivery of products to the customers. Certified steel profile shapes are issued production control certificate No. SPSC-7789, complying with the requirements of LST EN 10326:2004 and LST EN 10143.
Products are also issued declarations of Perfomance, stipulating the invoice number, nomenclature of profile shapes produces and the type of material.
Certificates of raw material producers are enclosed.
Load-supporting profiled sheet metal products are issued production control certificte No. SPSC-8426, complying with the requirements of LST EN 14782:2006 and LST EN 508-1:2002.
Currently, the company has started the implementation of quality management system ISO 9001.
Metal; Metal Bending; Metal Cutting; Metal Constructions; Metal Parts and Components; Metal Punching; Unwinding
Partis a.s.
Suchovrsice 110
542 32
Upice, Czech Republic
+ 420 499 979 215
+ 420 499 979 215
Roman Rainet
Marketing manager
+420 499 979 221
<p>We provide computer cases with production capacity of 1,000,000 pcs per year. Our products include&nbsp;variuos ranges of equipment and accessories, keyboards, mouses, universal adapters, ect.. We also offer, for external cooperation, machinery of the production facility which include painting machinery, assembling line, technical gear, pressing of plastic parts...</p>
<p>More on our services and products <a href="" target="_blank">here.</a></p>
<p><em>Photos Kontakt/News/Events/Profil and Video:&nbsp;</em><em>Partis a.s.</em>
<p>The PARTIS Inc.. company was established in 2002, when it became the owner of Eurocase Technology Ltd. company. Since then Partis has successfully expanded its activities on both home and international markets with rising sales income. The company belongs among significant producers of PC cases, but the product range includes other various peripherals and components such as power supply units, keyboards or mice.</p>
<p>Strong position on czech market and yet important export share can be taken as a serious quality sign. Quality itself is the main point in company philosophy. Satified customer on the other hand is a basic stone for building long-term partnership, which the Partis company successfully maintains with more than ten countries in Europe.</p>
PARTIS Inc., is one of the biggest European computer case manufacturers with production capacity of 1,000,000 pcs per year. The facility is located 130 km northeast of Prague and 20 km away from Polish border. A good location of factory and warehouse gives us an opportunity to deliver our products to any European country within a few days.
Alejandro Danza Olenin
Pavel Kocourek
Partis a.s.
Suchovrsice 110
542 32, Upice
Czech Republic

Some of our PSU certificates include:

- 480X CB
- CB 300XV2,300XXV2,480XV2
- CB certificate -ATX-350PN PNF 31598
- CB certificate -ATX-400PN PNF 31594
- CB report TUV 300X1,350X
- EMC certificate -ATX-xxxPNF Zxxx-12APNF xXxxx-PNF E930254
- JSP CE EMC certificate

More details on our website.
IT, Metal work
Pramones 23D  
 Paneve, Lithuania
+ 370 454 46803 
 + 370 45432826
Darius Venclovas 
Sale manager 
+ 370 652 391 85 
<p>Electroplating; Galvanizing; Logistics; Machinery; Metal; Metal Bending; Metal Cutting; Milling; Painting; Polishing; Punching; Rolling; Sandblasting; Sheet Metal; Turning; Welding</p>
<p><em>Photos Kontakt/News/Events/Profil and Video: ROKVELAS UAB</em></p>
<p>Our strategy is to consolidate our positions in Lithuanian and foreign metal working market. We value responsibility; great team work; orientation to long-lasting partnerships and innovations. Rokvelas offers metal working services and production and assembly of non standard machinery and technological equipment.</p>
Company was established in 2004. From the early beginning 
Electroplating; Galvanizing; Logistics; Machinery; Metal; Metal Bending; Metal Cutting; Milling; Painting; Polishing; Punching; Rolling; Sandblasting; Sheet Metal; Turning; Welding

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