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AC/DC Electronic Systems Inc.
Perpa Ticaret Merkezi A Blok Kat:5 No:146
Okmeydani - Istanbul, Turkey
+90 212 320 2007
+90 212 320 2009
Serdar Celebci
Export Manager
+90 212 320 2007
<p>It has been established in year 2000&nbsp;for the purpose of researching, developing, manufacturing, import, export, sale and rendering after sale technical services of primarily online Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Line Interactive Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Dry Type Batteries, Servo Voltage Regulators, Static Voltage Regulators, Battery Charge Converters, SMPS Power Supplies, Sinus and Modified Sinus Invertors, Combi Boiler Power Supplies, Shutter Power Supplies, AC Motor Speed Controlling Devices, DC Power Supplies, Dry Type Transformers, AC/DC Power Supplies, Frequency Converters, Cable TV Power Supplies, Telecom Power Supplies, Insulation Transformers and adjusted varyak systems.<br /><br />Since the day of its establishment, it applied the % 100 customer satisfaction not only for its customers but also as to cover suppliers,&nbsp;employees,&nbsp;dealers and solution partners and believed that these relationship potentialis the real power ofAC/DC.</p>
<p>One of the premier targets of AC/DC is rendering sales, service and maintenance services of products which are reliable,incompliance with the international standards,actually economical for the customer and having techno-logical superiority for the purpose of meeting and<br /> exceeding the expectations and needs of the customers.</p>
<p><strong>Our Quality Policy</strong><br /><br />Consistency and continuity is essential at the supplied products and services.<br /><br />AC/DC Management is the supporters of all kinds of systematic study for increasing the level of quality and decreasing the costs at all stages of organization. All employees are responsible from efficient and effectively fulfillment of AC/DC Quality Hand Book and directives conditions.<br /><br />Meeting of the high customer expectations were aimed with comprehensive quality hand book. AC/DC which carries out leading and innovative studies in field of power electronic of Turkey works to increase its product and service quality everyday.<br /><br />AC/DC Quality Control System includes all stages from the raw material to be used at production to controls made at all stages of production and up to delivery of the final product to the customer.<strong><br /><br />Our Values</strong><br /><br />AC/DC accepts its customers, suppliers and employees as its stakeholders and aim to provide mutual and balanced benefit at its relations.</p>
<p>It aims to develop technology at everything made. It aims accuracy at being valuable and reliable of the products, at services it provides and interaction.</p>
<p>Converting of the information to solutions in a rapid and economical way and its implementation are the sources of our success. We study to present best solutions in order to increase profitability of our customers and value of our company.</p>
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It has been established in year 2000 for the purpose of researching, developing, manufacturing, import, export, sale and rendering after sale technical services of primarily online Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Line Interactive Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Dry Type Batteries...
DI industrial spol. s r.o.
Purkynova 3050/99a
612 00
Brno, Czech Republic
+420 541 212 249
Pavel Sedlacek
+420 734 258 130
<p>Conventional Machining; Machines, Parts and Complex Equipment; CNC machining; Mechanical andElectrical Installations; Turning; Milling; Welding; Surface Treatment</p>
<p><em>Photos Kontakt/News/Events/Profil and Video:&nbsp;</em><em>DI industrial spol. s r.o.</em>
<p>The company has been equipped for conventional machiningas well as for CNC machining, realization of heat andsurface treatment, testing, mechanical and electrical installationsand installations requiring high level of cleanliness.</p>
<p>The broad range of services and technologies offered byDI industrial allows us to supply various steps of customers&acute; production process and thus shorten their leadtimes and optimize supply chain. Thanks to highly qualifiedworkers, our services also include the option of projectingand designing technological solutions.</p>
<p>Engineering Production and Mechanic Components include very accurate parts designed for industrialuse, especially machine parts for electron microscopes,vacuum equipment, cryogenic and laboratoryapplications and for other machinery.</p>
<p>Production of parts and accurate pieces made of commonlyused light alloy steels, and of special materials,including surface finishing.</p>
<p>Machined and wrought parts (cutting, pressing, bending) Welded Components.</p>
<p>Production of welded parts and units for various use</p>
<p>Welding and soldering of structural steel, stainless steeland light alloys, installations, installation of mechanic assemblies and electromechanicalassemblies, including testing, installation requiring high level of cleanliness for preciseand fine mechanics in special premises.</p>
DI industrial spol. s r.o., was founded in 1994 and it resumed the good tradition of Tesla Brno. Since its foundation,it has been specialized mainly in production of highly sophisticated machine parts, subassemblies, machines and complex equipment specified by customers. 
ISO 9001
Ethnic Friendly Employer
Green Company
DI industrial spol. s r.o.
Conventional Machining; Machines, Parts and Complex Equipment; CNC machining; Mechanical and Electrical Installations; Turning; Milling; Welding; Surface Treatment
Akadeemia tee 23
Tallinn, Estonia
+372 56 665778
Arno Kolk
General Manager
<p>The production of electronic and electrical devices is characterised by the geographic concentration in Tallinn and its close proximity, while at the same time it also influences regional development significantly. The electronics industry has been one of the biggest sources of new jobs in Saaremaa, P&auml;rnu, Elva and Koeru.<br /><br />The production of electronic and electrical devices is divided into two sub-branches. In the production of computers, electronic and optical devices, the largest companies are Ericsson Estonia AS (produces mobile network devices), Enics Estonia AS (electronic parts for industrial and medical devices) and Scanfil O&Uuml; (telecommunication devices), and the largest in the production of computers is Ordi AS. In contrast to the overall direction of the branch, the sale of computers is mainly directed to the internal market.</p>
<p>The biggest company in the production of electrical devices is ABB AS, whose main activity is the production of electrical switchboards and alternators. Other major companies are Ensto Ensek AS (electrical switchboards and control panels), Konesko AS (electric motors and devices), and Draka Keila Cables AS (cables).</p>
<p>Computers; Electronic Systems, Electronic Components; Electronic and Optical Devices</p>
<p><em>Photos Kontakt/News/Events/Profil and Video:&nbsp;</em><em>EEIA</em>
<p>The production of electronic and electrical devices has been one of the fastest growing industries in Estonia. Corporate sales volumes increased nearly five times in the time period from 2005 to 2013. The growth of production volumes has been achieved with the introduction to the market of new products with higher added value and the increase in productivity. The sector is strongly oriented towards foreign markets; most of the larger companies are based on foreign capital. Nearly 200 companies are in reality active in the production of electronic and electrical devices.</p>
EEIA - Estonian Electronics Industries Association is a voluntary non-profit organisation, whose primary objective is to promote cooperation between member companies, schools and public sector to increase competitiveness of Estonian electronics industry.
Estonia - The land of resourcefull people
Titova 59
76 290 
Odzak, Bosnien und Herzegowina
+387 31 941 458
+387 31 941 460
Denis Pacak, dipl.oec 
0049/ 151 /167 15 404
<p><strong>Schaltschrankbau und Kabelkonfektionierung</strong></p>
<p>Die elektrotechnische Fertigung umfasst Konstruktion und Bau in einzel- oder Serienfertigung folgender Niederspannungsschaltanlagen:</p>
<li>Anlagen- und Prozesssteuerungen</li>
<li>Niederspannungsschaltanlagen zur Verteilung der elektrischen Energie in Geb&auml;uden &nbsp;</li>
<p><br />Wir bauen f&uuml;r Sie Schaltschr&auml;nke oder Klemmgeh&auml;use in Kleinst- und/oder Gro&szlig;serien mit Einkauf oder Beistellung der Komponenten.&nbsp;</p>
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<p>Als Systemlieferant f&uuml;r die Industrie produzieren wir kundenspezifische Stanz-Biege-Teile, Maschinenverkleidungen, Maschinenpulte, Sonder- und Standard-Geh&auml;usel&ouml;sungen sowie komplexe Baugruppen aus Metall. <br /><br /> Unsere St&auml;rke sind Industriegeh&auml;use-L&ouml;sungen f&uuml;r Automobilindustrie, Maschinen- und Anlagenbau, Elektroanlagen- und Steuerungsbau. Wir verf&uuml;gen &uuml;ber folgende Fertigungstechnologie in der &Uuml;bersicht:</p>
<li>CNC Stanzen,&nbsp;</li>
<li>CNC Lasern,&nbsp;</li>
<li>CNC Biegen,&nbsp;</li>
<p><br />Die Tafelbleche in Stahl und Aluminium bis zu einer Dicke von 8 mm werden verarbeitet.</p>
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<p>Angesichts deutlicher Kostenvorteile des Standortes Bosnien und Herzegowina verstehen wir uns auch als verl&auml;ngerte Werkbank unserer Partner. Wir haben bisher Outsourcing Projekte im Bereich von Heizschlauchproduktion und Produktion von pneumatischen Zylinder realisiert.</p>
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<p><em>Fotos Kontakt/News/Events/Profil und Video:&nbsp;</em><em>PIMS ELEKTRO OPREMA d.o.o</em>
Bei Interesse nennen wir Ihnen gerne unsere Referenzen. 
<p><strong><em>PIMS ELEKTRO OPREMA</em></strong> d.o.o ist im Jahr 2009 als kleiner Betrieb mit 4 Mitarbeiter gegr&uuml;ndet. Heute fertigen wir mit 150 Mitarbeiter auf einer Produktionsfl&auml;che von 4500 m2 Schalt &ndash; und Steuerschr&auml;nke, Baugruppen aus Metall und elektrotechnische Baugruppen.</p>
<p>Wir bearbeiten 700 t Blech j&auml;hrlich und liefern ca. 70.000 Arbeitsstunden j&auml;hrlich an unsere Kunden. &Uuml;ber 90 % des Umsatzes&nbsp;wird in DACH L&auml;ndern&nbsp;erwirtschaftet. Unsere Mitarbeiter sind gut ausgebildet und hoch motiviert, um f&uuml;r unsere Kunden optimale Produkte liefern zu k&ouml;nen. Unser Unternehmen verf&uuml;gt &uuml;ber ein ISO 9001: 2008 Zertifikat.</p>
<p><strong>Unsere Kunden sch&auml;tzen:</strong></p>
<li>Kostenvorteile des Standortes Bosnien und Herzegowina</li>
<li>Termingerechte Lieferungen</li>
<li>Flexibilit&auml;t und Qualit&auml;tsorientierung</li>
<li>Engagierte Belegschaft mit Eigenverantwortung</li>
PIMS ELEKTRO OPREMA d.o.o wurde im Jahr 2009 als kleiner Betrieb mit 4 Mitarbeitern gegründet. Heute fertigen wir mit 150 Mitarbeitern auf einer Produktionsfläche von 4500 m2 Schaltschränke und Baugruppen aus Metall. 
Damir Gavric
Denis Pacak 
ISO 9001: 2008 Zertifikat
Elektrotechniek exhibiton
Schaltschränke, Klemmgehäuse, elektrotechnische Fertigung, Blechbearbeitung, Baugruppenmontage 

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