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Akadeemia tee 23
Tallinn, Estonia
+372 56 665778
Arno Kolk
General Manager
<p>The production of electronic and electrical devices is characterised by the geographic concentration in Tallinn and its close proximity, while at the same time it also influences regional development significantly. The electronics industry has been one of the biggest sources of new jobs in Saaremaa, P&auml;rnu, Elva and Koeru.<br /><br />The production of electronic and electrical devices is divided into two sub-branches. In the production of computers, electronic and optical devices, the largest companies are Ericsson Estonia AS (produces mobile network devices), Enics Estonia AS (electronic parts for industrial and medical devices) and Scanfil O&Uuml; (telecommunication devices), and the largest in the production of computers is Ordi AS. In contrast to the overall direction of the branch, the sale of computers is mainly directed to the internal market.</p>
<p>The biggest company in the production of electrical devices is ABB AS, whose main activity is the production of electrical switchboards and alternators. Other major companies are Ensto Ensek AS (electrical switchboards and control panels), Konesko AS (electric motors and devices), and Draka Keila Cables AS (cables).</p>
<p>Computers; Electronic Systems, Electronic Components; Electronic and Optical Devices</p>
<p><em>Photos Kontakt/News/Events/Profil and Video:&nbsp;</em><em>EEIA</em>
<p>The production of electronic and electrical devices has been one of the fastest growing industries in Estonia. Corporate sales volumes increased nearly five times in the time period from 2005 to 2013. The growth of production volumes has been achieved with the introduction to the market of new products with higher added value and the increase in productivity. The sector is strongly oriented towards foreign markets; most of the larger companies are based on foreign capital. Nearly 200 companies are in reality active in the production of electronic and electrical devices.</p>
EEIA - Estonian Electronics Industries Association is a voluntary non-profit organisation, whose primary objective is to promote cooperation between member companies, schools and public sector to increase competitiveness of Estonian electronics industry.
Estonia - The land of resourcefull people
Pergales g. 32 
 Daugai, Alytaus raj, Lithuania
+370 5 24 304 52 
+370 5 20 409 41
<p>Cable production</p>
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<p>EUROKUBAS is a skilled custom cable assemblies&rsquo; manufacturer based in Lithuania, EU. EUROKUBAS employees&rsquo; qualification and expertise ensures customer satisfaction even in the most complicated and delicate projects that require exceptional precision and skill. With the help of a team of experienced professionals, wide range of quality equipment and a reliable network of international suppliers EUROKUBAS has been delivering best result to it&rsquo;s customers ever since 2002. Based in a near - shore low cost country within EU EUROKUBAS offers its customers great value for a competitive price. Would you like to grow and strengthen your business, or simply focus on your core competencies? You are on the right track, if you have found EUROKUBAS Custom Cable Assemblies. With us, now you can have it all: moderate lead times, Nordic quality, and all this at a competitive price. Let&lsquo;s take those extra steps to success... Together.</p>
EUROKUBAS specializes in cable and wire processing accord
 ing customers
EUROKUBAS is ISO 9001 certified.
Cable production
Intek sp. z.o.o.
Radom, Poland
+48 89 645 31 73
+48 89 645 31 95
 Dorota Szameit
Project manager
+48 48 383 52 33
<p>Over 50-year company&rsquo;s experience and skills of the new company's executives are being used to achieve these objectives.</p>
<p><strong>1.Robotics:</strong><br />The company offers modern, innovative and robotized production systems, that help increase productivity and product quality, ergonomics and safety and thus reducing the labor costs. See video <a href="" target="_blank">here</a></p>
<p><strong>2.Automation:</strong><br />The company INTEK offers a wide range of automatic machines of interoperational transport for use individually or to implement in existing or new production line<br /><strong><br />3.Design<br /></strong>Mechanical: AutoCad, SolidWorks, Inventor <br />Electrical: EPlan5<em> </em><br />Software</p>
<p><strong>4. Various steel constructions, industrial buildings and appliances.</strong></p>
<p>The company has a team of engineers trained in mechanics, robotics and its own manufacturing facility with a powerful machine park. This enables the production and supervision over the quality of offered devices, ranging from mechanical and electrical design, trough control cabinet, and ending with installing and commissioning at the customer.</p>
<p><em>Photos Kontakt/News/Events/Profil and Video:&nbsp;</em><em>Intek sp. z.o.o.&nbsp;</em>
<p>INTEK Ltd. company was founded on the basis of its 52 year-old predecessor POM (1952). It took over productionin course, as well as the entire personnel with it&acute;s experience and traditions. INTEK company has many years of experience and extensive knowledge in the development and integration of machinery, equipmentand industrial automation systems.</p>
INTEK Ltd. company was founded on the basis of its 52 year-old  predecessor POM (1952). It took over production in course, as well as the entire personnel with its experience and traditions. Gained experience has been confirmed by large number of certifications
Janusz Stefa
Integrated Management System Certificate JBS 99/6/2014 PN-EN ISO 9001:2009, PN-N-18001:2004, PN-EN ISO 14001:2005
Certificate IQNet PN-EN ISO 9001:2009 i PN-EN ISO 14001:2005
The certificate of qualification nr 130/30/V/2007 Institute of Welding in Gliwice
Certificate SLV - Berlin - DIN EN ISO 3834-2
Certificate SLV - Berlin - DIN EN 15085 -2
Certificate SLV - Berlin - DIN 18800-7: 2008-11
The EC Certificate of Factory Production Control FPC
The Welding Certificate EN 1090 -1
Certificate TÜV  CE 0035 Nr 01 202 PL P-06 001
Certificate TÜV 01 202 PL/U -09 005
Visualization System Integrator Certificate Wonderware
Scandinavian certificate NDT No. GDA-13-4749 with Approval Programme No. 402B
Design,Automation,Robotics,Construction, Machine
Madách Imre út 5
Budapest, Hungary
Attila Günthner
Office Manager
<p><strong>Industrial objectives</strong><br />By offering an active liaison role, the Hungarian Electrotechnical Association offers a neutral platform for participants of the electrotechnical industry for coordinating key issues. The most important task of the Association is to provide a neutral but professionally complex approach for motivating participants so that specific issues are handled comprehensively and in a cost effective manner and so that stakeholders can find the solutions.<br /><br /><strong>Event organization</strong><br />The Association has a great deal of experience in organizing professional events and conferences. It has established a wide partnership with companies organizing the most extensive exhibitions and has a good relationship with the media. The most prominent members of the profession are happy to participate at our events. The<br />national level organization of the Hungarian Electrotechnical Association as well as our professional database encompassing over 10,000 individuals make it possible to provide quick and effective notice to its potential audience even on a regional level, threby ensuring that conferences for exhibitions will be of a high quality, effective, and successful. The Association is open to all initiatives that<br />primarily serve the interests of the profession and the common good.</p>
<p>Electrotechnic; Design; Development and Innovation; Electric Energetics; Electric Machinery, Devices and Equipment; Electricity and Safety in Buildings; Electricity in Agriculture; Energy related IT; Fire Protection; Grid<br />Design and Installation; Industrial Electrostatics; Lighting Technology; Lightning Protection; Research; Safety Technology against Explosions; Shock Protection; Smart Grids, Smart Metering; Standardization; Technological History; Training; Work under Voltage</p>
<p><em>Photos Kontakt/News/Events/Profil and Video:&nbsp;</em><em>MEE</em>
<p>The nearly 5000 members of our association are organized according to regions and professional principles. 53 regional operations and 20 independent professional organizations throughout the country are responsible for establishing the conditions for the association&lsquo;s active<br />work.</p>
MEE - Hungarian Electrotechnical Association has set itself the
goal, based on the commitment of its voluntary members, of increasing the standards and efficiency of electricity
supply and consumption.
Titova 59
76 290 
Odzak, Bosnien und Herzegowina
+387 31 941 458
+387 31 941 460
Denis Pacak, dipl.oec 
0049/ 151 /167 15 404
<p><strong>Schaltschrankbau und Kabelkonfektionierung</strong></p>
<p>Die elektrotechnische Fertigung umfasst Konstruktion und Bau in einzel- oder Serienfertigung folgender Niederspannungsschaltanlagen:</p>
<li>Anlagen- und Prozesssteuerungen</li>
<li>Niederspannungsschaltanlagen zur Verteilung der elektrischen Energie in Geb&auml;uden &nbsp;</li>
<p><br />Wir bauen f&uuml;r Sie Schaltschr&auml;nke oder Klemmgeh&auml;use in Kleinst- und/oder Gro&szlig;serien mit Einkauf oder Beistellung der Komponenten.&nbsp;</p>
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<p>Als Systemlieferant f&uuml;r die Industrie produzieren wir kundenspezifische Stanz-Biege-Teile, Maschinenverkleidungen, Maschinenpulte, Sonder- und Standard-Geh&auml;usel&ouml;sungen sowie komplexe Baugruppen aus Metall. <br /><br /> Unsere St&auml;rke sind Industriegeh&auml;use-L&ouml;sungen f&uuml;r Automobilindustrie, Maschinen- und Anlagenbau, Elektroanlagen- und Steuerungsbau. Wir verf&uuml;gen &uuml;ber folgende Fertigungstechnologie in der &Uuml;bersicht:</p>
<li>CNC Stanzen,&nbsp;</li>
<li>CNC Lasern,&nbsp;</li>
<li>CNC Biegen,&nbsp;</li>
<p><br />Die Tafelbleche in Stahl und Aluminium bis zu einer Dicke von 8 mm werden verarbeitet.</p>
<p><a href="" target="_blank">Mehr...</a></p>
<p>Angesichts deutlicher Kostenvorteile des Standortes Bosnien und Herzegowina verstehen wir uns auch als verl&auml;ngerte Werkbank unserer Partner. Wir haben bisher Outsourcing Projekte im Bereich von Heizschlauchproduktion und Produktion von pneumatischen Zylinder realisiert.</p>
<p><a href="" target="_blank">Mehr...</a></p>
<p><em>Fotos Kontakt/News/Events/Profil und Video:&nbsp;</em><em>PIMS ELEKTRO OPREMA d.o.o</em>
Bei Interesse nennen wir Ihnen gerne unsere Referenzen. 
<p><strong><em>PIMS ELEKTRO OPREMA</em></strong> d.o.o ist im Jahr 2009 als kleiner Betrieb mit 4 Mitarbeiter gegr&uuml;ndet. Heute fertigen wir mit 150 Mitarbeiter auf einer Produktionsfl&auml;che von 4500 m2 Schalt &ndash; und Steuerschr&auml;nke, Baugruppen aus Metall und elektrotechnische Baugruppen.</p>
<p>Wir bearbeiten 700 t Blech j&auml;hrlich und liefern ca. 70.000 Arbeitsstunden j&auml;hrlich an unsere Kunden. &Uuml;ber 90 % des Umsatzes&nbsp;wird in DACH L&auml;ndern&nbsp;erwirtschaftet. Unsere Mitarbeiter sind gut ausgebildet und hoch motiviert, um f&uuml;r unsere Kunden optimale Produkte liefern zu k&ouml;nen. Unser Unternehmen verf&uuml;gt &uuml;ber ein ISO 9001: 2008 Zertifikat.</p>
<p><strong>Unsere Kunden sch&auml;tzen:</strong></p>
<li>Kostenvorteile des Standortes Bosnien und Herzegowina</li>
<li>Termingerechte Lieferungen</li>
<li>Flexibilit&auml;t und Qualit&auml;tsorientierung</li>
<li>Engagierte Belegschaft mit Eigenverantwortung</li>
PIMS ELEKTRO OPREMA d.o.o wurde im Jahr 2009 als kleiner Betrieb mit 4 Mitarbeitern gegründet. Heute fertigen wir mit 150 Mitarbeitern auf einer Produktionsfläche von 4500 m2 Schaltschränke und Baugruppen aus Metall. 
Damir Gavric
Denis Pacak 
ISO 9001: 2008 Zertifikat
Elektrotechniek exhibiton
Schaltschränke, Klemmgehäuse, elektrotechnische Fertigung, Blechbearbeitung, Baugruppenmontage 

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