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ConasManagement GmbH
Bahnhofstraße 98
Gräfelfing / München
+49 89 / 85 63 670 0
Theo Kowalski
Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter
+49 172 / 382 35 24
<p>F&uuml;r unsere Kunden besetzten wir Positionen im Bereich Einkauf, Supply Chain Management und Operations:</p>
<p>Einkauf (m/w):</p>
<li>Chief Procurement Officer</li>
<li>Commodity Manager</li>
<li>Strategischer Eink&auml;ufer</li>
<li>Procurement Engineer</li>
<li>Projektleiter Einkauf</li>
<li>Experte Methoden, Tools &amp; Prozesse</li>
<p>SCM und Operations (m/w)</p>
<li>Supply Chain Leiter</li>
<li>Supply Chain Manager</li>
<li>Supply Chain Prozessexperte</li>
<li>Leiter von DIstributionszentren</li>
<li>Experte f&uuml;r Zoll- und Au&szlig;enwirtschaftsrecht</li>
<li>Experte f&uuml;r Produktionsplanung, Lean Manufacturing, Digitalisierung</li>
<p>Produktion (m/w)</p>
<li>Lean Project Manager</li>
<li>Manager Produktentwicklung</li>
<li>Experte Digitalisierung / Transformation</li>
<li>Programm Manager Fabrik 4.0</li>
<p>Consulting (m/w):</p>
<li>Senior Projektleiter /Senior Manager</li>
<li>Projektleiter / Manager</li>
<li>Senior Consultant</li>
<p><a href="" target="_blank">Mehr...</a></p>
<p>Unser Kundenportfolio reicht vom Dax- bis zum Mittelstandsunternehmen aus der Industrie-, Handels- und Finanzbranche. Dar&uuml;ber hinaus sind wir auch f&uuml;r Unternehmensberatungen t&auml;tig, die sich auf Einkauf und Supply Chain Management spezialisiert haben. <a href="" target="_blank">Mehr...</a></p>
<p>Referenzen nennen wir Ihnen gerne auf Anfrage:<br /></p>
<p>Mehr Infos: <a href="" target="_blank"></a></p>
<p><em>Fotos Kontakt/News/Events/Profil und Video:&nbsp;</em><em>ConasManagement GmbH</em></p>
<p>ConasManagement ist eine der f&uuml;hrenden Personalvermittlungen und Spezialist f&uuml;r Operations in den Funktionen Einkauf, Supply Chain Management und Produktion, f&uuml;r die Industrie sowie Dienstleistungs- und Beratungsunternehmen.</p>
<p><strong>Was unterscheidet ConasManagement vom Wettbewerb?</strong></p>
<li>Fokussierung ausschlie&szlig;lich in <strong>Operations</strong> f&uuml;r die Funktionen <strong>Einkauf, Supply Chain Management und Produktion</strong>.</li>
<li><strong>Alle Partner</strong> haben langj&auml;hrige, auch internationale <strong>F&uuml;hrungserfahrung</strong> in der Industrie in diesen <strong>Funktionen und im Personalmanagement.</strong></li>
<li>Unsere Datei umfasst mehr als <strong>2000 interviewte und bewertete</strong> Kandidaten f&uuml;r &uuml;ber 20 verschiedene Job-Profile.</li>
<li>In &uuml;ber <strong>90%</strong> der uns erteilten Auftr&auml;ge konnten wir eine <strong>erfolgreiche Vermittlung</strong> erreichen.</li>
<li><strong>97%</strong> der vermittelten Kandidaten best&auml;tigen, dass sie sich mit ihrer <strong>neuen Position verbessert haben.</strong></li>
<li>Durch die Spezialisierung kann Conas <strong>g&uuml;nstigere Konditionen als der Wettbewerb anbieten.</strong></li>
ConasManagement ist eine der führenden Personalvermittlungen und Spezialist für Operations in den Funktionen Einkauf, Supply Chain Management und Produktion, für die Industrie sowie Dienstleistungs- und Beratungsunternehmen.
Theo Kowalski
<p>Dr. Egbert Hubmann <br />Partner<br />Mobil: +49 151 / 524 59 232<br /><a href="" target="_blank"></a></p>
<p>ConasManagement Team <a href="" target="_blank">hier...</a></p>
BME Symposium Berlin
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Personalvermittlungen, Recruiting, Executive Search, Personalvermittler, Headhunter, Personalführung, Personalentwicklung, Kompetenzmanagement, Einakuf, SCM; Operations, Supply Chain Management,      
Maximilianstraße 13
+49 (89) 2190953 801
Christopher Müller
Vice President Sales
<p><strong>Ceprocs&trade; &nbsp;- communication problems are a foreign word<br /><br /><strong>Why CEPROCS&trade;?</strong></strong></p>
<p>Our experience in various industries has brought usgreat knowledge and insight in developing purchasing solutions and procurement strategies. Through the diversity of our client we have defined a standardized, consolidated procurement process, tailored and characterized by consistency, accuracy and efficiency.</p>
<p>Our goal is to become a knowledge catalystthat will enable us to design, customize and adjust procurement strategies, creating growth opportunities for your business.</p>
<p>We act as an &rsquo;&rsquo;extended workbench&rdquo; able to fully integrate and provide full service purchasing for tactical and strategic process of our clients. This is done in a progressive way to ensure optimal business conditions, a leaner and more effective process, and disclosure of potential synergies. Therefore, the transition is oriented towards optimizing the procurement processes of the client.</p>
<p><strong>Our focus is:</strong></p>
<li>Identifying and evaluating your needs in order to correlatethem with and address your requirements</li>
<li>Developing individual, perfectly coordinated business models by clearly defining the procurement functions: roles, responsibilities, systems, processes, skills and capabilities needed</li>
<li>Defining procurement strategies based on the assessment of your needs</li>
<li>Granting financial viability and quality of the process andeffectiveness of the cross-trainings</li>
<li>Defining your goals and priorities</li>
<li>Conducting initial risk assessments</li>
<li>Your Success and exceeding your Expectations</li>
<p>Globalization and reaching new emerging markets drives us towards recruiting and training talent to be able to design procurement strategies tailored to local cultures and economies. The European language coverage qualifies us to have the competences and knowledge for communication with you in your native language.</p>
<p><strong>Advantages of having CEPROCS&trade; as a partner: </strong></p>
<li>Near shore location and best cost performance ratio</li>
<li>Experienced BPO Know-how</li>
<li>High level services</li>
<li>Strong role in European procurement</li>
<p>Our daily operations include:</p>
<li>Transactional and tactical approach, with the objective of quick turnaround requirements</li>
<li>Strategic approach, as a cost effective driver</li>
<li>Customer focus approach</li>
<p>A customer tailored solution, adapted to&nbsp;regional or global context, is most efficient due to aspects like market dynamics, cultural environment, and business philosophy among other external factors. Therefore, this type of approach is our key driver in delivering the most cost effective solution.</p>
<p>This is how CEPROCS&trade; can help you get ahead of your competitors: business development is deployed by maintaining a constant focus on markets and customers, keeping in mind at all times that our offered services should come with a competitive advantage.</p>
<p>Purchasing,&nbsp;Accounting and HR Services</p>
<p>Businessfield-Automotive (Production) and Non&ndash;Auto (non-production)</p>
<p><strong>Industries<br /><br /></strong>To address these challenges, we rethink new methods for generating cash, use smart tools to help you reduce costs and efficiently mitigate business&rsquo; risks. We reshape procedures and simultaneously envision processes in line with the modern technologies that can maximize a business&rsquo; potential.<br /><br />We reimagine the way industries can shape their development and offer them a range of solutions for increased effectiveness and competitive market results.<br /><br />It is important to rethink the role for procurement and to refer to it as an important lever for optimizing spend, investing in innovation and technology in a cost effective manner, and on the long run for pursuing towards achieving sustainable growth and development of the business.<br /><br /><em>Automotive</em><br /><br />The dynamic of the automotive field keeps our strategic approach awake and sensitive to the changes, so that we can deliver growth, process innovation and reduce costs and cycle time.<br /><br />Automotive industry is one of the most regulated industries worldwide. Safety and emission standards reflect themselves in the strategy of companies operating in the automotive sector, and indirectly have an impact on the cost of operation and manufacturing costs.<br /><br />Therefore, in the context of regulated industries, where public policies and regulations can act as exogenous factors in influencing the activities of companies, it is important to rethink the role for procurement and to refer to it as an important lever for optimizing spend, investing in innovation and technology in a cost effective manner, and on the long run for pursuing towards achieving sustainable growth and development of the business.<br /><br />Our experience in this industry in offering procurement services, by having a key role in European procurement business for Opel/Vauxhall indirect procurement, has provided us with a large partner network base and has built extensive experience in commerce industry.<br /><br />The complexity of the Opel / Vauxhall project and the particularity of the automotive industry entail development of the business and process to ensure flexibility to adapt to changes due to new business needs or extend of procurement activities. Our available resources, know-how and capabilities for providing efficient and effective solutions has enabled our client to focus on their main strategies, regulatory compliance while improving their business processes, reducing cost and increasing savings.<br /><br />Our capabilities to align to the client&rsquo;s requirements and to work in its best interest are emphasized by a yearly increase of transactional purchase request inflow of the number of materials purchased, the number of suppliers and by increase of transactional spend. A comparable uptrend has marked also strategic purchasing, contract management and material master maintenance.<br /><br /><em>Fragrance</em> <br /><br />We consistently deliver innovating solutions that meet our customer demands because the fragrance industry is a cross functional blend of scientists, perfumers, flavorists and application specialists and rely on proprietary knowledge and ingredients.<br /><br /><em>Oil and Gas</em> <br /><br />We offer competitiveness through constant dialogue and adapted solutions to stay ahead with the business dynamic.<br /><br /><em>Electronics</em> <br /><br />Offering tailored solutions to you is to support innovation and to stay competitive. We offer know-how and expertise to improve business results and to deploy capital more productively.<br /><br /><em>B2B</em> <br /><br />The quality of services defines the integrity and solid structure of a company. Is not about reports and conclusions, is about reducing the risks, improving the processes and reinvesting the profit.</p>
General Motors / Opel
PSG Project
<p><strong>Purchasing is our business </strong></p>
<p>We are a Central European Procurement Consulting Service company. Focused on procurement services, we are a fully integrated Business Process Outsourcer. Our solutions simplify and improve business processes, provide new opportunities and enable you to focus on your core business. We offer simplified business performance solutions for your complex, advanced and continuously changing environment. Our mission is to take over your &ldquo;none-core&rdquo; day-to-day tasks so you can allocate your resources strategically. Our tailored procurement solutions control cost and capital intensity. They also strengthen market engagement, support organizational transformation, manage risks and make accurate business predictions our partners can always rely on.</p>
<p>Clearly defined business models and business intelligence enableus to provide impressive ROI to our clients. The results achieved are increasing the organizational efficiency as well as theeffectiveness of the clients&rsquo; organizations.</p>
<p>CEPROCS&trade; solutions are providing lean and highly effective processes, best conditions, define and realize potential synergies. We are a nearshore operation, close to our clients, speak all important European languages, embedded in the global environment.</p>
<p>Our strong focus on strategic alignment with our clients&rsquo; objectives, strong and efficient process management and standardization as well as minimized process time is com-bined with our market and category expertise.</p>
- Procurement processes are usually complex
- Storage as a cost-intensive factor
- Lead times often too high
- Internal cost structures must be optimized
Matthias Trittinger
 2.4 Mio. Euro
Veronica Zudor
<p><strong>S.C. CEPROCS&trade; S.R.L.</strong><br />Centru de Afaceri, Nicolaus Olahus Street, No. 5, RO-550370 Sibiu, Romania</p>
<p>Daniela Curmu<br /> Marketing<br /><a href="" target="_blank"></a></p>
Germany, Austria, Romania, Bulgaria
ISO 9001
ISO 14001
53. BME-Symposium Einkauf und Logistik 
Purchasing, HR Services, Accounting, BPO
Kloepfel Recruiting GmbH
Friedrichstraße 95
D - 10117 
+49 (0)30 46 72 60 2-0
+49 (0)30 46 72 70 2-10
Philipp Heymann, Andreas Bechinger
+49 211 875 453 23
<h3><strong>Prozessf&uuml;hrung<br /><br /></strong></h3>
<p><strong>Anforderungsanalyse</strong> <br /> Um zielgerichtet nach den passenden Kanditaten suchen zu k&ouml;nnen, setzen wir uns vorab intensiv mit Ihren Anspr&uuml;chen auseinander. Sie teilen uns Ihre Vorstellungen und W&uuml;nsche zu Ihrem neuen Mitarbeiter mit und wir garantieren Ihnen eine zielgerichtete Vorauswahl in Ihrem Sinne.</p>
<p><strong>Kandidatenrecherche</strong> <br /> Auf der Suche nach dem perfekten Bewerber f&uuml;r Sie, greifen wir auf unseren exklusiven Kandidatenpool zur&uuml;ck und sprechen dar&uuml;ber hinaus Kandidaten aus ausgew&auml;hlten Quellen an.</p>
<p><strong>Auswahlprozess</strong><br /> Bevor wir Ihnen einen Kandidaten vorstellen, durchl&auml;uft der Bewerber einen mehrstufigen Prozess. Wir machen aus einem Lebenslauf einen Menschen mit einer beruflichen Geschichte. Und diese erz&auml;hlen wir Ihnen gerne weiter, so dass Sie schon vorab einen intensiven Vorabeindruck bekommen.</p>
<p><strong>Vorbereitung</strong><br /> Nach der Vorstellung Ihrer Bewerber ist unsere Arbeit noch nicht getan. Wir begleiten die Bewerbungsprozesse Ihrer Kandidaten und halten Sie gezielt auf dem Laufenden. Damit wissen Sie immer, wo die Bewerber stehen und wie Sie diese f&uuml;r sich gewinnen k&ouml;nnen.</p>
<li>Erstes Bewerberprofil innerhalb von <strong>10 Tagen</strong></li>
<li>Wir stellen Ihnen 3 Profile vor</li>
<li><strong>2 von 3</strong> Bewerbern gelangen ins Interview</li>
<li>Unterst&uuml;tzende <strong>Bindung</strong> zu Ihrem Unternehmen durch pers&ouml;nliche Vorbereitung</li>
<p><strong>So besonders ein Unternehmen ist, so besonders m&uuml;ssen seine Vakanzen besetzt werden.</strong></p>
<p><em>Fotos Kontakt/News/Events/Profil und Video:&nbsp;</em><em>Kloepfel Recruiting GmbH</em>
<p><strong>Die Herausforderung </strong></p>
<p>So besonders jedes Unternehmen ist, so individuell m&uuml;ssen seine Vakanzen besetzt werden. Um das gew&auml;hrleisten zu k&ouml;nnen, sehen wir jede Branche mit exklusiven Einblicken in die relevanten Erfordernisse und Qualifikationen f&uuml;r folgende Gebiete:</p>
<li>Supply Chain Management</li>
<li>Indirekter Einkauf</li>
<li>Maschinen- &amp; Anlagenbau</li>
Wir finden passende Mitarbeiter für Ihr Unternehmen.
Recruiting Einkauf, Recruiting Logistik, Recruiting Lager, HR Services, Personalvermittlung / Beratung, Anforderungsanalyse, Kandidatenrecherche, Auswahlprozess, 

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