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Sokolska 7
Pedja Kami
Logistic department
+38 163 7241371
<h3><a href="" target="_blank">Production</a></h3>
<p>Our activities encompass the large assortment of products and services: <br /><br /><strong>Complete Engineering can manufacture production runs of any size and any quantity</strong>. <strong>We offer a hydraulic design service ranging from component specification to complete hydraulic system design, fabrication, installation and commissioning. We have CNC machining capabilities as well as precision machining, fabrication and welding expertise.</strong></p>
<p>Our products are the result of well developed, designed, and produced, assembled and serviced; carefully monitored and controlled product&rsquo;s working cycle. <a href="" target="_blank">More...</a></p>
<h3><a href="" target="_blank">Costomized production</a></h3>
<p>We can work with you to realize your ideas.</p>
<p>Whatever your project, we can provide the solution.From <strong>one-off customized cylinders</strong> to <strong>project-based designs</strong>, or an <strong>OEM-specific</strong> application, we can provide the solution that will best suit your project specifications and requirements. <a href="" target="_blank">More...</a></p>
<p>We are producing for diverse range of industries, including <strong>agriculture</strong>, <strong>construction</strong> <strong>container handling, transportation industries, forestry, marine, mining, and recycling.</strong> We also have experience working on a wide variety of projects &ndash; from&nbsp;grabs for the dry bulk cargo-, dredging- and recycling industries, mobile hydraulic platforms, airport support&nbsp; and elevated work platforms.</p>
<p><em>Photos Kontakt/News/Events/Profil and Video:&nbsp;</em><em>Dva-D-Production</em>
<p><strong>Dva-D-Production&nbsp;</strong> is implementing Dva-D-Trade Doo group principles to provide our customers with hydraulic cylinders that&nbsp; are the highest quality in the industry.</p>
Dva-D-Production is implementing Dva-D-Trade Doo group principles to provide our customers with hydraulic cylinders that  are the highest quality in the industry. We are producing  for a diverse range of industries, including  agriculture, construction, container handling, transportation industries, forestry, marine, mining, and recycling.
<p><strong>Logistic department:<br /></strong>Bane Mihajlovich&nbsp;<br />Pedja Kami</p>
<p><strong>Marketing department:<br /></strong>Milos Stefanovich&nbsp;<br />Stefania Lukach</p>
QMS 9001-20001

09.11.2009.  Meeting with Algerian delegation , presentation of the actual Algerian investment opportunities, held in PKS.   

02.12.2009.  Belgrade meeting with German and Austrian metalworking, automotive and construction companies provided by SIEPA  

07.10.2010. DDT participate in meetings with foreign multinational companies held in "EXPO XXI " center in Novi Beograd. 

uploads/tx_usersebme/companies/744/company_brochure/1/Catalog_Dva-D-Production.pdf::Catalog Dva-D-Production
Hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders production
1. Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Bayrampasa Caddesi No:7
Selçuklu/Konya, Turkey
+ 90 332 249 72 00
+ 90 332 249 72 08
Sevda Kayhan YIlmaz
General Manager
+ 90 332 249 72 00
<p>Ourmain customers are mainly in:</p>
<p>Cement &amp; mining industry</p>
<p>Mobile machine industry</p>
<p>Iron &amp; steel industries</p>
<p>Off-shore industry</p>
<p>Mobile crane manufacturers</p>
<p>Hydraulic press manufacturers</p>
<p>Dam gates</p>
<p><em>Photos Kontakt/News/Events/Profil and Video:&nbsp;</em><em>KAYAHAN IMP. &amp; EXP. CO.</em>
<p>Kayahan was founded in 1950 in Konya and has the largest dimensional capacity of hydraulic cylinder manufacturing in Turkey: 1.8m diameter or 15m length honing capacity. All production processes except for heat treatment is realized in our own facilities as hard chrome plating, honing, deep hole drilling, welding. Kayahan established its own NiCr plating facility at the beginning of 2015, beside many years of experience in hard chrome plating. We are in 100.000m2&nbsp;of which 32.000m2&nbsp;is closed area.</p>
<p>Kayahan is expert on engineering &amp; manufacturing heavy dusty hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders according to customers&rsquo; requirements. Advantage of the company is to ma- nufacturebigvolume and large size hydraulic cylinders in short period of time. Differences of the company are to make 100% quality control during manufacturing and assembly.</p>
<p>Kayahan A.S. opened to the world in the 1990s. Today, 90% of the hydraulic cylinder production is exporting to EU countries, especially to Austria, Germany and France. Kayahan is Turkey export leader for heavy duty hydraulic cylinders for many years. Manufacturing in the company is realized according to ISO 9001:2008 management, EN 1090.2-2008 welding acceptance and TS EN ISO 3834-2 welding management quality standards. Kayahan has got TURQUM certificate lately.</p>
Kayahan was founded in 1950 in Konya and has the largest dimensional capacity of hydraulic cylinder manufacturing in Turkey: 1.8m diameter or 15m length honing capacity. 
And Sk. 8 / 9 Cankaya
Ankara, Turkey
+ 90 312 468 37 49
+ 90 312 468 42 91
Fulya ÇInar Önal
+ 90 312 468 37 49
<p>The Association of Turkish Machine Manufacturers (MIB) was established in 1990, as a non-governmental organization. Currently, MIB has over 170 member companies. It is representing not only machine tool manufacturers, but also various companies manufacturing wide range of different machineries, machine parts, accessories and cutting tools. In its portfolio, manufacturers of construction, earth moving, mining and agricultural machineries, machine tools (both, metal cutting and forming), wood working, packing machines and machineries for process industries, food processing and packing machines, ovens, balancing machines are present.</p>
<p>Member companies in the MIB structure realized more than 60% of the Turkish machinery exports in 2014.</p>
<p>The machinery manufacturing industry has particular importance for Turkey, due to its promising development and export potential. MIB plays significant role in the development and growth of the machinery sector. It encourages manufacturers to participate in various international fairs and exhibitions staged abroad and in Turkey, to integrate them to global world market. It also urges manufacturers for conforming EU&rsquo;s essential health and safety requirements for machinery, related with the harmonization works in line between Turkey and EU. MIB, is a member of CECIMO (European Association for the Machine Tool Industries) since November 1999 and PNEUROP (European Committee of Manufacturers of Compressors, Vacuum Pumps, Pneumatic Tools and Allied Equipment) since May 2005.</p>
<p>MIB, has close relations with the similar associations and institutions throughout the world, as well as in Turkey and also maintains permanent connections with the state bureaucracy. Actively participates, promotes and supports members&rsquo; activities in production and export, also tries to enhance the common benefits of all sector companies. Protects members&rsquo; rights and as a result of this, generates solutions for the problems encountered by members and consequently for the sector.</p>
<p><em>Photos Kontakt/News/Events/Profil and Video:&nbsp;</em><em>MiB</em>
Association of Turkish Machine Manufacturers

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