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16th Alexandru Radovici Str.
Bucharest, Romania
+40 740 199 919
Oana Nae
Executive Manager
<p>ARILOG community consists of companies acting in the following fields: manufacturing (automotive, FMCG, cosmetics &amp; pharmaceuticals products), retail, on-line, 3PL, informatic systems providers, transport companies and couriers, handling equipments, real estate companies, consultants, insurance and legal advisors.</p>
<p>ARILOG is an active member of ELA &ndash; European Logistics Association. The goal of the European Logistics Association is to provide a link and an open forum for any individual or society concerned with logistics within Europe and to serve industry and trade. ELA formulates European Logistics Standards and encourages the acceptance of these standards on an international basis.</p>
<p>Automotive &amp; Industrial Parts, Electrical Cranes, Elevators and Escalators, Industrial Automation, Information technology, Logistics, Machine Manufactures, Materials Handling and Industrial Equipments, Packaging Machinery, Plastics</p>
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<p>ARILOG proposes to promote and develop the science and techniques of Logistics and Supply Chain in all Romanian companies regardless of industry:</p>
<p>&bull; provides links between logistics professionals from<br />various industries;</p>
<p>&bull; organizes national and international events;</p>
<p>&bull; develops professional standards for logistics activity<br />in Romania;</p>
<p>&bull; recognize and increase the professional level of its<br />members by certifying the logisticians at European<br />level;</p>
<p>&bull; allows sharing of latest techniques in the field to all<br />partners;</p>
<p>&bull; contribute to the development of legislative proposals<br />in the field of logistics and supply chain together with<br />its members;</p>
<p>&bull; represents ARILOG members in relations with public<br />authorities in the country and with the international<br />specialized bodies;</p>
<p>&bull; supports and promotes its members in the performance<br />of their work;</p>
ARILOG - The Romanian Logistics Association is a voluntary, professional and educational nonprofit organization.
uploads/tx_usersebme/companies/697/company_brochure/1/newsletter_-_colliers_international_2015_romania_market_overview_report.pdf::Romania Market Overview Report
Egitim Mah. Poyraz Sk. No:1/77
Kadiköy-Istanbul, Turkey
+ 90 469 46 96 
+ 90 469 46 98
Sedat Sami Ömeroglu
Vice Chairman of the Management Board
+ 90 469 46 96 
+ 90 469 46 98
<p>Industrial Automation Manufacturers&rsquo; Association (ENOSAD), a non profit organization of private sector was founded in Istanbul in September 2004, with the contribution of 16 leading local and international companies working in the industrial process control &amp; automation sector. ENOSAD is the first formation in this area in Turkey. It has been officially active since January 2005, when the first general assembly was realized. As of October 2015, ENOSAD has 98 local and international member companies.&nbsp;</p>
<p><strong>ENOSAD</strong> was founded in order to constitute cooperation and solidarity among the industrial automation companies and for the employees, to provide permanent solutions to the problems of the sector, to represent the automation sector public and civil organization liasons, to form a bridge among the universities, the automation sector and public sector.</p>
<p><strong>The main goals of the association are:</strong></p>
<p>to establish an organic and beneficial cooperation among the industrial automation</p>
<p>companies and technical personnel employed</p>
<p>to provide lasting solutions to sectorial problems</p>
<p>to establish continuous professional training and education</p>
<p>to set techno-commercial norms of the sector</p>
<p>to contribute to technological and scientific improvements</p>
<p>to form effective links to universities, institutes and public sector</p>
<p>to represent the sector against public issues officially</p>
<p>to increase the competitive edge of Turkish automation sector for increased international existence.</p>
<p>In Turkey and the surrounding region ENOSAD aims to be an actor producing technology and engineering projects.</p>
<p>ENOSAD member companies provides solutions in the area of Factory Automation, Process Automation, Assembly Line Automation, Robotic Automation and&nbsp;so on.</p>
<p><strong>ENOSAD working committees</strong>:</p>
<p>Academic Committee</p>
<p>Social Activities, Promotion and Training Committee</p>
<p>Fair Committee</p>
<p>State and Bureaucratic Relationships Committee</p>
<p>Congress and Industry- 4.0 Committee</p>
<p>Joint Cooperation Committee</p>
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Industrial Automation Manufacturers´ Association
Intek sp. z.o.o.
Radom, Poland
+48 89 645 31 73
+48 89 645 31 95
 Dorota Szameit
Project manager
+48 48 383 52 33
<p>Over 50-year company&rsquo;s experience and skills of the new company's executives are being used to achieve these objectives.</p>
<p><strong>1.Robotics:</strong><br />The company offers modern, innovative and robotized production systems, that help increase productivity and product quality, ergonomics and safety and thus reducing the labor costs. See video <a href="" target="_blank">here</a></p>
<p><strong>2.Automation:</strong><br />The company INTEK offers a wide range of automatic machines of interoperational transport for use individually or to implement in existing or new production line<br /><strong><br />3.Design<br /></strong>Mechanical: AutoCad, SolidWorks, Inventor <br />Electrical: EPlan5<em> </em><br />Software</p>
<p><strong>4. Various steel constructions, industrial buildings and appliances.</strong></p>
<p>The company has a team of engineers trained in mechanics, robotics and its own manufacturing facility with a powerful machine park. This enables the production and supervision over the quality of offered devices, ranging from mechanical and electrical design, trough control cabinet, and ending with installing and commissioning at the customer.</p>
<p><em>Photos Kontakt/News/Events/Profil and Video:&nbsp;</em><em>Intek sp. z.o.o.&nbsp;</em>
<p>INTEK Ltd. company was founded on the basis of its 52 year-old predecessor POM (1952). It took over productionin course, as well as the entire personnel with it&acute;s experience and traditions. INTEK company has many years of experience and extensive knowledge in the development and integration of machinery, equipmentand industrial automation systems.</p>
INTEK Ltd. company was founded on the basis of its 52 year-old  predecessor POM (1952). It took over production in course, as well as the entire personnel with its experience and traditions. Gained experience has been confirmed by large number of certifications
Janusz Stefa
Integrated Management System Certificate JBS 99/6/2014 PN-EN ISO 9001:2009, PN-N-18001:2004, PN-EN ISO 14001:2005
Certificate IQNet PN-EN ISO 9001:2009 i PN-EN ISO 14001:2005
The certificate of qualification nr 130/30/V/2007 Institute of Welding in Gliwice
Certificate SLV - Berlin - DIN EN ISO 3834-2
Certificate SLV - Berlin - DIN EN 15085 -2
Certificate SLV - Berlin - DIN 18800-7: 2008-11
The EC Certificate of Factory Production Control FPC
The Welding Certificate EN 1090 -1
Certificate TÜV  CE 0035 Nr 01 202 PL P-06 001
Certificate TÜV 01 202 PL/U -09 005
Visualization System Integrator Certificate Wonderware
Scandinavian certificate NDT No. GDA-13-4749 with Approval Programme No. 402B
Design,Automation,Robotics,Construction, Machine
129/4 sok. no:28/D 4.sanayi sitesi
Bornova/ IzmIr, Turkey
+ 90 232 375 56 75
+ 90 232 375 89 75
Ismet Erdogan
+ 90 232 375 56 75
<p><strong>Our</strong><strong> </strong><strong>goal is to achieve the firsts in Laser...</strong></p>
<p>As Laseral End&uuml;striyel Lazer Sistemleri San. veTic. Ltd. Sti., we sell laser systems and their spare parts, service job, integrating systems to the production lines sold and laser automation. Our goal is to deliver the innovation to international and domestic industry by continuous R&amp;D and being a well known company in the sector. Laseral&lsquo;s aim is being the leader in industrial laser sector by offering competitive price, fast delivery and the best quality.</p>
<p><strong>The vision of the company</strong></p>
<p>Our vision is being the leader in the industrial laser field in Turkey by developing and growing with continuous R&amp;D and so that selling advanced technology products inside and outside Turkey.&nbsp;</p>
<p><strong>The mission of the company</strong></p>
<p>Our mission is taking a major part of making Turkish industry use of laser technology as well as developed countries and offering the highest quality products and service with most favorable condition.</p>
<p><em>Photos Kontakt/News/Events/Profil and Video:&nbsp;</em><em>LASERAL</em>
We sell laser systems and their spare parts, service job, integrating systems to the production lines sold and laser automation. 
Csata utca 25.
Budapest, Hungary
+36 1 203 8144
István Németh
Secretary General
<p><strong>Representation of the members</strong><br />&bull; Local and international representation of Hungarian automotive component manufacturers<br />&bull; Cooperation with the Ministries of the Hungarian Government and other government organizations<br />&bull; Representing employers in tripartite social dialogue involving the public authorities, trade unions and employers Boosting&nbsp; competitiveness &ndash; supplier development <br />&bull; Information on quality systems, certification, logistics, IT systems and applications, business development, exchange of best practices, factory tours, recommendation of service providers<br />&bull; Providing support for fair trade practices and high-tech and high quality products<br />&bull; Management training courses on the latest management approaches and theories <br /><br /><strong>B2B relations and business information</strong><br />&bull; Local and international trade fair participation<br />&bull; Organization of local and international conferences and presentations, matchmaking events, supplier forums, procurement conferences, assisting the members in participating such events<br />&bull; Database maintenance and publication<br />&bull; Maintenance and improvement of relations with OEMs and system suppliers<br />&bull; Location and recommendation of partners for cooperation, investors, potential suppliers</p>
<p>Agricultural Machinery and Equipment; Automotive &amp; Industrial Parts; Chemicals; CNC Machinery and Accessories; Coating and Surface Treatment; Compressors; Fasteners; Hydraulic Systems; Industrial Automation; Laser Systems; Logistics; Machine Manufactures; Materials Handling and Industrial Equipments; Mechanical Engineering; Metal, Plastics, Precision Parts; Welding Technology</p>
<p><em>Photos Kontakt/News/Events/Profil and Video:&nbsp;</em><em>MAJOSZ</em>
<p>At the date of its foundation, MAJOSZ had 22 members. Since then the membership has grown to approximately 300, including about 90 service providers as supporting members. <br /><br />The primary objective of the Association is the promotion of Hungarian automotive suppliers, with a focus on professional, financial and social aspects, and developing the overall image of the automotive sector in Hungary.<br /><br />MAJOSZ has cooperative relations with about 60 automotive organisations globally.</p>
MAJOSZ - Association of Hungarian Automotive Component
Manufacturers was founded in 1993 as a civil organization for the promotion of Hungarian automotive component manufacturers.
And Sk. 8 / 9 Cankaya
Ankara, Turkey
+ 90 312 468 37 49
+ 90 312 468 42 91
Fulya ÇInar Önal
+ 90 312 468 37 49
<p>The Association of Turkish Machine Manufacturers (MIB) was established in 1990, as a non-governmental organization. Currently, MIB has over 170 member companies. It is representing not only machine tool manufacturers, but also various companies manufacturing wide range of different machineries, machine parts, accessories and cutting tools. In its portfolio, manufacturers of construction, earth moving, mining and agricultural machineries, machine tools (both, metal cutting and forming), wood working, packing machines and machineries for process industries, food processing and packing machines, ovens, balancing machines are present.</p>
<p>Member companies in the MIB structure realized more than 60% of the Turkish machinery exports in 2014.</p>
<p>The machinery manufacturing industry has particular importance for Turkey, due to its promising development and export potential. MIB plays significant role in the development and growth of the machinery sector. It encourages manufacturers to participate in various international fairs and exhibitions staged abroad and in Turkey, to integrate them to global world market. It also urges manufacturers for conforming EU&rsquo;s essential health and safety requirements for machinery, related with the harmonization works in line between Turkey and EU. MIB, is a member of CECIMO (European Association for the Machine Tool Industries) since November 1999 and PNEUROP (European Committee of Manufacturers of Compressors, Vacuum Pumps, Pneumatic Tools and Allied Equipment) since May 2005.</p>
<p>MIB, has close relations with the similar associations and institutions throughout the world, as well as in Turkey and also maintains permanent connections with the state bureaucracy. Actively participates, promotes and supports members&rsquo; activities in production and export, also tries to enhance the common benefits of all sector companies. Protects members&rsquo; rights and as a result of this, generates solutions for the problems encountered by members and consequently for the sector.</p>
<p><em>Photos Kontakt/News/Events/Profil and Video:&nbsp;</em><em>MiB</em>
Association of Turkish Machine Manufacturers
Z Punta Makina
Akcaburgaz Mah.1632. sok. Nr.36 Kat.1
Esenyurt - Beylikdüzü / Istanbul, Turkey
+ 90 212 578 64 34
+ 90 212 578 64 30
Yener Mizrak
Sales Manager
+ 90 533 963 36 94
<p><strong>Z Punta</strong> <strong>Machine</strong> was found in 1994. Since then we are bringing spot welding machines to the industry and developing solutions through products that have remarkable reputation in the industry. In spot welding industry we are producing different products, designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of your business. Our machines are able to increase your workforce.</p>
<p><strong>Z Punta Machine</strong> produces machine systems that have product quality, price advantage and fast service prominence for all our customers. Our company will meet the needs and expectations of its customers by providing quality products, market share and aims to increase the competitiveness. To achieve this goal, we are continously working on developing technology and equipment and quality management system.</p>
<p>Photos Kontakt/News/Events/Profil and Video: Z Punta Makina
Z Punta Machine was found in 1994. Since then we are bringing spot welding machines to the industry and deve- loping solutions through products that have remarkable reputation in the industry. 

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