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16th Alexandru Radovici Str.
Bucharest, Romania
+40 740 199 919
Oana Nae
Executive Manager
<p>ARILOG community consists of companies acting in the following fields: manufacturing (automotive, FMCG, cosmetics &amp; pharmaceuticals products), retail, on-line, 3PL, informatic systems providers, transport companies and couriers, handling equipments, real estate companies, consultants, insurance and legal advisors.</p>
<p>ARILOG is an active member of ELA &ndash; European Logistics Association. The goal of the European Logistics Association is to provide a link and an open forum for any individual or society concerned with logistics within Europe and to serve industry and trade. ELA formulates European Logistics Standards and encourages the acceptance of these standards on an international basis.</p>
<p>Automotive &amp; Industrial Parts, Electrical Cranes, Elevators and Escalators, Industrial Automation, Information technology, Logistics, Machine Manufactures, Materials Handling and Industrial Equipments, Packaging Machinery, Plastics</p>
<p><em>Fotos Kontakt/News/Events/Profil und Video:</em>&nbsp;<em>ARILOG</em>
<p>ARILOG proposes to promote and develop the science and techniques of Logistics and Supply Chain in all Romanian companies regardless of industry:</p>
<p>&bull; provides links between logistics professionals from<br />various industries;</p>
<p>&bull; organizes national and international events;</p>
<p>&bull; develops professional standards for logistics activity<br />in Romania;</p>
<p>&bull; recognize and increase the professional level of its<br />members by certifying the logisticians at European<br />level;</p>
<p>&bull; allows sharing of latest techniques in the field to all<br />partners;</p>
<p>&bull; contribute to the development of legislative proposals<br />in the field of logistics and supply chain together with<br />its members;</p>
<p>&bull; represents ARILOG members in relations with public<br />authorities in the country and with the international<br />specialized bodies;</p>
<p>&bull; supports and promotes its members in the performance<br />of their work;</p>
ARILOG - The Romanian Logistics Association is a voluntary, professional and educational nonprofit organization.
uploads/tx_usersebme/companies/697/company_brochure/1/newsletter_-_colliers_international_2015_romania_market_overview_report.pdf::Romania Market Overview Report
Draugystes st. 19
Kaunas, Lithuania
+370 37 457 352
+370 37 457 352
<p>Casting; Dye Designing and Production; Drilling Head Designing and Production; Equipment Designing and Production; Manufacturing; Metal; Metal Processing; Moulds Designing and Production; Part Production; Plastics; Stamping.</p>
<p><em>Photos Kontakt/News/Events/Profil and Video: DIRMETA UAB</em>
<p>Dirmeta UAB is a production company, engaged in designing and production of non-standard equipment, dies,casting moulds, and also in spare part production for various industry sectors. With many year experience behind, we provide metal processing, stamping and plastic part casting services.</p>
Our company is based at the former site of tool and nonstandard equipment designing and production workshops of the Banga, a former TV set manufacturer, which started its production activity in 1957. In 1995, after the factory had been reorganized, the workshops were merged and became Dirmeta, a branch of Banga AB, and had been producing equipment not only for Banga AB, but
also for customers in Lithuania and abroad. 
Paint coating line
Casting; Dye Designing and Production; Drilling Head Designing and Production; Equipment Designing and Production; Manufacturing; Metal; Metal Processing; Moulds Designing and Production; Part Production; Plastics; Stamping
Peetri 11
Tallinn, Estonia
Pilleriin Laanemets
Managing Director
<p>Supported activities in international level:</p>
<p>1. Market research to find out the Estonian and other markets main trends and potential new clients.</p>
<p>2. Activities based mainly in projects, to help solve problems that are bigger than one industry and also procurements and subcontracts.</p>
<p>3. To coordinate the product development and material testing (plastics training, testing and research center).</p>
<p>4. Further development and extending of occupational training aimed for improving availability of it to all interested parties, and assure the appropriateness to requirements of companies. Develop advanced training in Tartu and Tallinn</p>
<p>5. Building up harmonized quality system to support participation in mayor tenders</p>
<p>6. Build up trustful plastics industries network and map plastics industries competences and problematic issues (visit all member companies once a year).</p>
<p>Plastics; Additive and Machinery Suppliers; Blow Moulding; Consultations; Extrusion; Extrusion-Film; Injection Moulding; Insulation with Polymeric Foam; Mould Manufacturing; Packaging; Pipes and Profiles; PlasticRecycling; Polymer Suppliers and Processors; Product Manufacturing; Raw Material Distributors; Resin-Based Composites; Rotational Moulding; Sales and Processing of Polyfabricated Plastic Products; Vacuum Forming</p>
<p><em>Photos Kontakt/News/Events/Profil and Video:&nbsp;</em><em>EPA</em>
<p>The mission of EPA is to increase the competitiveness of Estonian plastics-related industries and to build up trustful cooperative network.<br /><br />EPA, through its direct membership, encompasses entire industrial supply chain of plastic products manufacturing, including polymer suppliers and processors in addition to additive and machinery suppliers.</p>
EPA - Estonian Plastics Association is the leading trade
association of the Estonian Plastics Industry, a springboard
for industry action, existing to exploit common opportunities
and resolve shared problems.
Savanoriu pr. 176 C - 803
Vilnius, Lithuania
+370 5 231 2520
Danuta Murygina
Project Manager
+370 5 239 2950
<p><strong>We want to improve engineering industry business environment:</strong><br />&bull; We organise, evaluate and propose improvements for legal acts;<br />&bull; Organise discussions with government, education and science institutions;<br />&bull; Form government opinion about improvement of sector business environment;<br />&bull; Prepare business environment analysis;<br />&bull; Represent members in work groups, conferences, assemblies, various committees and commissions (LPK, CEEMET, EFFRA, ORGALIME, ManuFuture, kt.) <br /><br /><strong>We want to encourage export development:</strong><br />&bull; We provide information about business opportunities and terms abroad; <br />&bull; Organise exhibitions, missions; <br />&bull; Mediate communicating with business attache;<br />&bull; Disseminate legal publications for international trade;<br />&bull; Help find partners in Lithuania and abroad;<br />&bull; Publish sector enterprises catalogue and administrate the database;<br />&bull; Consult in export management;<br />&bull; Educate Your employees.<br /><br />We want to encourage R&amp;D synergy between science institutions and business enterprises. We want to improve VET and competence quality in Lithuania.</p>
<p><strong>Why do we work?<br /></strong>&bull; To improve terms of businessmen and scientists activity in Lithuania and abroad;<br />&bull; Members could get complex services like representation, mediation, networking organizing, help in getting financial aid, technological education, knowledge management and worker education;<br />&bull; To help sectorial enterprises to manufacture and export high added value products, services and solutions;<br />&bull; To create circumstances for improving worker qualification and management abilities; <br />&bull; To compile and convey information about the potential of sectorial businessmen and scientists;<br />&bull; To help engineering industry enterprises to become leaders of Lithuanian economy.</p>
<p>Metal Products, Machinery and Equipment, Electro Mechanics and Electronics, Plastics, Rubber</p>
<p>Our goal is to increase business competitiveness and internationalization, improve export of products and services, increase synergy between scientists and engineers activity. We take part in improving quality of VET (Vocational education and training) in Lithuania.</p>
LINPRA - Engineering Industries Association of Lithuania is an a independent business organization. We represent metal products, machinery and equipment, electro mechanics and electronics, plastics and rubber industry companies interests on international and national level.
Savanoriu pr. 176 C - 803
Vilnius, Lithuania
+370 5 239 2816
Gintaras Vilda
<p><strong>Why Lithuanian Plastic Cluster?</strong><br />&bull; Extensive experience working with automotive companies in Western Europe and Russia<br />&bull; Flexible business relations<br />&bull; Skilled workforce<br />&bull; Median wage significantly lower than the EU average<br />&bull; Companies produce small and middle sized automotive parts and components<br />&bull; Available engineering skills and expertise plus R&amp;D potential<br /><br /><strong>Benefits of Lithuanian Plastic Cluster</strong><br />&bull; Increasing of sales and exports<br />&bull; Increasing of profits<br />&bull; Support in Entering new markets and finding new partners<br />&bull; Development of expertise and competence<br />&bull; Sharing of R&amp;D costs<br />&bull; Cooperation with foreign partners<br />&bull; Improving image of the company<br />&bull; Fundraising for the cluster activities<br />&bull; Attracting of specialists</p>
<p>Plastics: Blowing, Design, Education, Extrusion, Injection Moulding, Prototyping, Subcontracting, Thermoforming, Tooling</p>
<p><em>Photos Kontakt/News/Events/Profil and Video:&nbsp;</em><em>LPC</em>
<p><strong>Mission</strong><br />To facilitate informal networking among partners and in use of the different levels of expertise to identify opportunities, to increase&nbsp; competitiveness, the &lsquo;return on investment&rsquo; and to inspire and support partners in their leadership in innovation and market.</p>
LPC - Lithuanian Plastics Cluster is a reliable network of the plastics industry enterprises 
uploads/tx_usersebme/companies/708/company_brochure/1/presentation.pdf::Presentation of LPC
Csata utca 25.
Budapest, Hungary
+36 1 203 8144
István Németh
Secretary General
<p><strong>Representation of the members</strong><br />&bull; Local and international representation of Hungarian automotive component manufacturers<br />&bull; Cooperation with the Ministries of the Hungarian Government and other government organizations<br />&bull; Representing employers in tripartite social dialogue involving the public authorities, trade unions and employers Boosting&nbsp; competitiveness &ndash; supplier development <br />&bull; Information on quality systems, certification, logistics, IT systems and applications, business development, exchange of best practices, factory tours, recommendation of service providers<br />&bull; Providing support for fair trade practices and high-tech and high quality products<br />&bull; Management training courses on the latest management approaches and theories <br /><br /><strong>B2B relations and business information</strong><br />&bull; Local and international trade fair participation<br />&bull; Organization of local and international conferences and presentations, matchmaking events, supplier forums, procurement conferences, assisting the members in participating such events<br />&bull; Database maintenance and publication<br />&bull; Maintenance and improvement of relations with OEMs and system suppliers<br />&bull; Location and recommendation of partners for cooperation, investors, potential suppliers</p>
<p>Agricultural Machinery and Equipment; Automotive &amp; Industrial Parts; Chemicals; CNC Machinery and Accessories; Coating and Surface Treatment; Compressors; Fasteners; Hydraulic Systems; Industrial Automation; Laser Systems; Logistics; Machine Manufactures; Materials Handling and Industrial Equipments; Mechanical Engineering; Metal, Plastics, Precision Parts; Welding Technology</p>
<p><em>Photos Kontakt/News/Events/Profil and Video:&nbsp;</em><em>MAJOSZ</em>
<p>At the date of its foundation, MAJOSZ had 22 members. Since then the membership has grown to approximately 300, including about 90 service providers as supporting members. <br /><br />The primary objective of the Association is the promotion of Hungarian automotive suppliers, with a focus on professional, financial and social aspects, and developing the overall image of the automotive sector in Hungary.<br /><br />MAJOSZ has cooperative relations with about 60 automotive organisations globally.</p>
MAJOSZ - Association of Hungarian Automotive Component
Manufacturers was founded in 1993 as a civil organization for the promotion of Hungarian automotive component manufacturers.
And Sk. 8 / 9 Cankaya
Ankara, Turkey
+ 90 312 468 37 49
+ 90 312 468 42 91
Fulya ÇInar Önal
+ 90 312 468 37 49
<p>The Association of Turkish Machine Manufacturers (MIB) was established in 1990, as a non-governmental organization. Currently, MIB has over 170 member companies. It is representing not only machine tool manufacturers, but also various companies manufacturing wide range of different machineries, machine parts, accessories and cutting tools. In its portfolio, manufacturers of construction, earth moving, mining and agricultural machineries, machine tools (both, metal cutting and forming), wood working, packing machines and machineries for process industries, food processing and packing machines, ovens, balancing machines are present.</p>
<p>Member companies in the MIB structure realized more than 60% of the Turkish machinery exports in 2014.</p>
<p>The machinery manufacturing industry has particular importance for Turkey, due to its promising development and export potential. MIB plays significant role in the development and growth of the machinery sector. It encourages manufacturers to participate in various international fairs and exhibitions staged abroad and in Turkey, to integrate them to global world market. It also urges manufacturers for conforming EU&rsquo;s essential health and safety requirements for machinery, related with the harmonization works in line between Turkey and EU. MIB, is a member of CECIMO (European Association for the Machine Tool Industries) since November 1999 and PNEUROP (European Committee of Manufacturers of Compressors, Vacuum Pumps, Pneumatic Tools and Allied Equipment) since May 2005.</p>
<p>MIB, has close relations with the similar associations and institutions throughout the world, as well as in Turkey and also maintains permanent connections with the state bureaucracy. Actively participates, promotes and supports members&rsquo; activities in production and export, also tries to enhance the common benefits of all sector companies. Protects members&rsquo; rights and as a result of this, generates solutions for the problems encountered by members and consequently for the sector.</p>
<p><em>Photos Kontakt/News/Events/Profil and Video:&nbsp;</em><em>MiB</em>
Association of Turkish Machine Manufacturers
Oruc Reis Mh. Vadi Cd. Istanbul Ticaret Sarayi, No:335 Giyimkent
Istanbul, Turkey
+ 90 212 438 26 19
+ 90 212 438 15 93
Selcuk Mutlu
Secretary General
+ 90 212 438 26 19
<p>Turkish Plastics Industrialists&rsquo; Association - PAGDER, which was established in 1969 for the purpose of assembling manufacturing companies in Turkish Plastics industry under the same roof, maintains its undertaken mission succesfully for 45 years. Turkish Plastics Industrialists&rsquo; Association - PAGDER, with its over 500 member companies, is the most effective non-governmental organization of Turkish plastics and plastic processing machineries industries.</p>
<p>To-be good example of a industrial non-governmental organization, representing Turkish plastics industry entirely in national and international platforms, vindicate and could be a Pioneer, agenda-setter and arbiter.</p>
<p>Supporting its members with the power it derives from unity, providing public authorities with assistance for generating solution oriented incentives and policies that consider the Turkish plastics sectoras a whole, and creating platforms and conditions to make our country one of the leading centers of global plastics sector.</p>
<p>PAGDER has led the way to establishment of the Federation of Plastics Industrialists that was intended for union of all plastics sector under the same roof, creating synergy, and that brings together 9 important associations comprising over 1000 member companies.</p>
<p>PAGDER makes analyses and develops suggestions that will help public authorities for the solution of the problems of Turkish plastics sector that grows at a fast pace with its problems growing at the same rate. In the Self Assessment Workshop that was organized with participation of all actors in the sector in 2010, the eight weakest aspects ofthe plastics sector were grouped as follows, and PAGDER scheduled its activities for improvement and developmentof the eight weakest aspects of the sector.</p>
<p>Sector with highly negative image</p>
<p>Foreign-source dependency in terms of raw materials and high energy cost</p>
<p>No supervision in import of goods and machinery</p>
<p>Sector with no standards</p>
<p>Sector with no qualified intermediate staff</p>
<p>No cooperation and collaboration in the sector</p>
<p>Sector with no price stability</p>
<p>High competition, no profitability</p>
<p>PAGDER cooperates and collaborates with all domestic non-governmental organizations related to plastics, playing active roles in platforms that concern the sector.</p>
<p>PAGDER successfully represents the Turkish plastics and plastics processing machinery sectors in following international umbrella organizations it is affiliated with.</p>
<p>PAGDER creates common platforms for international sectors by signing cooperation agreements with plastics associations of various countries.</p>
<p>PAGDER provides the sector with technical booklets that may be effective in boosting the manufacturing efficiency of sector representatives, and paves the way for introduction of Turkish plastics sector in foreign markets and increasing the sector&rsquo;s exports.</p>
<p>While contributing to preparation of quarterly PLASFEDMAGAZINE and conveying it to domestic and foreign platforms, PAGDER also introduces our sector to outside world with its interactive website.</p>
<p>PAGDER performs sales representation of world&rsquo;s leading trade fairs in Turkey, pioneers the organization of individual and national participation in such fairs and organizes sectoral tours for promoting the companies and increasing their exports. On the other hand, it establishes technical, commercial, and educational relationships with sectoral associations in such countries to introduce high-technology manufacturing capabilities of its members and our plastics sector to these global markets.</p>
<p>In order to enhance public awareness on plastics, PAGDER conducts plastics perception studies, and prepares reports and press releases to inform public and media about attacks on plastics.</p>
<p>PAGDER has completed its endeavors for establishment of PAGDER &amp; ASLAN Organized Industrial Zone Specialized in Plastics in KIrklareli for creating a modern manufacturing area and driving the manufacturers of plastics out of the city center by bringing plastics manufacturers together.</p>
<p><em>Photos Kontakt/News/Events/Profil and Video:&nbsp;</em><em>PAGDER</em>
Turkish Plastics Industrialists´ Association
Plastics Cluster
760 01
Zlin, Czech Republic
+420 775 505 343
Ing. Jaroslav Toufar
<p>With significant cost savings for member companies we successfully buy electricity and gas. Common purchase of raw materials, indirect material and selected services has been in a preparatory phase. Plastr activities focus on 4 priority sectors: education and human resources, development and innovation, cooperation, common purchase and sale of services and promotion of Plastr. Very important is also the interaction with the important institutions of the region &ndash; Tomas Bata University in Zl&iacute;n (applied research, specialised bachelor study programme, cluster performance measurement, benchmarking), the Zl&iacute;n Region (lobbying for plastics processing branch, regional innovation strategy, technical education in the region), Association for the Development of the Zlin Region (regional strategy), Technological Innovation Centre (competitions &ndash; Innovative Company of the Year, The Best Student Business Plan). In cooperation with secondary school members we participate in modification of the study plans of vocational subjects and we promote a program of plastics processing to the target groups (children &ndash; parents &ndash; school counsellors).</p>
<p>Plastics; 3D Digitizing of Components; Climatic Testing; Colour Measurement; Computed Tomography - Non-Invasive 3D Imaging Technique; Flammability Determination; Machining Center for Prototype Moulds/Tools Preparation; Melt Flow Index Measurement; Off-Line Thickness Measurement; Processing of the 3D Measurements Results; Processing Unit for Plastic Waste Disintegration; Rapid Prototyping &ndash; Parts, Prototypes and 3D Models Creation; Retroreflective Materials Testing; Rheological Properties Measurement; Tension and Compression Measurement; Testing of the Physical Foaming of Polymers; Thermographic Analysis of Polymer Fabrication Processes</p>
<p><em>Photos Kontakt/News/Events/Profil and Video:&nbsp;</em><em>Plastics Cluster</em>
<p>The main reason for cluster establishment was especially strong position of the plastics industry in the Zl&iacute;n Region (together with rubber<br />industry it represents the most productive sector of the region). Another reason is a shortage of qualified working labour force, missing research and development background for plastic product manufacturers, need of an appropriate negotiation position for services and products and&nbsp; effective enforcement of the sector interests.</p>
The Plastics cluster (Plastr) was established in February 2006 as an Interest Association of Legal Entities with the aim to create a communication platform for its members 
Riga, Latvia
+371 675 176 51 
+ 371 67 517 650
Viktors Kornenkovs 
Head of Sales Department 
<p>Plastics; Packaging</p>
<p><em>Photos Kontakt/News/Events/Profil and Video:&nbsp;</em><em>POLIPAKS LTD</em>
<p>To maintain the consistently high quality of our products we have invested in state-of- the- art equipment purchased from leading European Companies. We are continuously investing in advanced production technology to ensure we are supplying all of our Customers with high-quality products in today&rsquo;s highly competitive market. In 2015, POLIPAKS and its subsidiary POLIPAKS NT finished construction and moved to a new production and logistics center with a total area of 35,000 sq. meters in the Riga suburb.</p>
<p>We offer our Customers both customized and ready-made packaging solutions, and we can assist with design preparation for flexography. All of our Customers are given a personal account manager, and our Customer support team will advise you regarding delivery of the finished products to your warehouse. Our new production plant has introduced a certified quality management system (in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 standard). In April 2016, POLIPAKS production was certified as per BRC Global Standard &ndash; PACKAGING AND PACKAGING MATERIALS (Issue 5, July 2015) / British Retail Consortium, which is evidence of the introduction of a product safety and quality management system rated at AA, the highest of the five possible levels.</p>
The POLIPAKS plant was established in Riga in 1996 and specializes in the manufacture of flexible packaging materials for food and non-food industries and trade. We manufacture various types of polymer and multilayer combined packaging for a wide range of applications. We offer flexographic printing (up to 10 colors), we also manufacture high-barrier multilayer films using an extrusion process.
We have introduced a Quality Management System that has been certified in compliance with the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

Polipaks complies with all the requirements of the ISO 22000:2005 standard (food safety management systems and the requirements for any organization in the food chain). This incorporates the principles of food safety control 
Plastics; Packaging

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