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111B Tsarigradsko Shose Blvd.
Sofia, Bulgaria
+359 877 444 768
Mr. Lyubomir Stanislavov
CEO and Member of the Board of Directors
<p>&bull; Support automotive industry companies with headquarters or subsidiaries in Bulgaria in setting-up and further development of&nbsp; production, assembling, R&amp;D, sales or service.</p>
<p><br />&bull; Attract car manufacturers, manufacturers of special vehicles and&nbsp; leading international suppliers of automotive components to&nbsp; Bulgarian market; demonstrate locational advanta ges of Bulgaria over other Eastern European countries, the Middle East and North Africa. All these tasks aiming to make a major contribution to the future growth of the Bulgarian industry.</p>
<p><br />&bull; Support projects of ACB members on introduction of technical improvements and innovations, optimization of quality, structures and processes to reduce costs and increase competitiveness in international markets.</p>
<p>&bull; Represent interests of ACB members in all matters, for example via design and implementation of actions and measures for development of favorable legal, financial and fiscal conditions for ACB companies. Major goal of these efforts: deliver an attractive investment climate and hence encourage creation of new jobs.</p>
<p><br />&bull; Stimulate ethical market relationships, i.e. corporate government and compliance to be in line with European directives.</p>
<p><br />&bull; Develop and support implementation of measures together with government, universities, private training providers and ACB members in matters pertaining to education and training,&nbsp;&nbsp; development of technology centers.</p>
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Automotive; Components; Vehicle Manufacturing; Logistics
<p>The Automotive Cluster Bulgaria fosters synergies between the cluster members and supports their business growth and competitiveness through participation in international joint projects, case studies and professional automotive qualification programs. The ACB currently boasts 40 nationally and internationally renowned member&nbsp; companies which employ over 35,000 people in Bulgaria and over 865,000 worldwide.</p>
ACB - Automotive Cluster Bulgaria founded in July 2012, is a non-profit organization which represents the interests of automotive manufacturers, suppliers and organizations providing services for the automotive industry.
Budejovická 1550/15a
140 00
Praha 4, Czech Republic
+420 233 323 883
Int. Relations Manager
<p>Despite a complicated history the industry has retained a fine research, design and development base. This is coming very much to the fore again as a result of the changes which took effect from July 1, 1989, and which gave individual companies in the automotive industry much greater autonomy. Given this situation it is clear that the industry needed a new organization to represent the interests of the member companies, to act as the voice both at home and abroad of this important branch of the national economy, and to maintain the high standards of the industry as a whole. It was for these reasons that the AIA was founded. <br /><br />AIA is a member of the following international organisations:<br />&bull; ACEM &ndash; European Motorcycle Manufacturers Association<br />&bull; ODETTE &ndash; Organisation For Data Exchange by Tele Transmission<br />in Europe<br />&bull; ACEA &ndash; European Automobile Manufacturers Association<br /><br />The main aims of AIA may be summarised as follows:<br />&bull; to develop the Czech automotive industry as a specific branch of the national economy<br />&bull; to present the automotive industry as an integrated sector<br />&bull; to promote the interests of the automotive industry in the Czech Republic and abroad in all appropriate places and at all levels<br />&bull; to develop collaboration amongst its members and observers in technical, production and commercial fields<br />&bull; to establish mutually advantageous contacts and cooperation with partners which are not members of AIA<br />&bull; to promote cooperation between the Czech automotive industry and foreign partners</p>
<p>Automotive; Vehicle manufacturing; Components</p>
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<p>AIA was established on June 27, 1989, with 17 founder member companies who were signatories to the agreement&nbsp; setting up the Association. Today AIA covers almost the whole of the&nbsp; automotive sector with 150 members in the CR. The Slovak AIA is also a joint member of the Czech AIA.</p>
AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION of the Czech Republic is an interest industrial grouping of the manufacturing, commercial and other companies which make up the Czech automotive and allied industries.
uploads/tx_usersebme/companies/696/company_brochure/1/vyroba16-11Ma.xlsx::PRODUCTION AND SALES 
Selanik 2.Cad. 64/8 Kizilay
Ankara, Turkey
+90 312 4401843
+90 312 4401831
Gürbüz Gürer
Secretary general
+ 90 532 2370045
<p>Established in the year 1999 as a joint initiative of the leading companies of the industry, the Association of The Union of Manufacturers of Vehicles, On Vehicle Equipments and Work Machines makes it mark with its support to its members in their relations with the public entities, as well as with its effort relating to the solution of their economic, financial, legal, administrative and technological problems.</p>
<p>With its 83 members, AR&Uuml;SDER keeps on operating effectively in order to ensure the communication between the industries it covers and its members, to ensure the formation of an ethical medium of competition, to protect the interests of its members in such medium, and to acts as a mediator for the promotion fo its members in the national and international areas.</p>
<p>The product groups are listed below:</p>
<p>Refuse collection vehicles</p>
<p>Roadsweeper vehicles</p>
<p>Waste collection vehicles</p>
<p>Tipping vehicles</p>
<p>Semi &ndash; trailers</p>
<p>Sewage unblocking vehicles and vacuum trucks</p>
<p>Anti-winter-conditions vehicles</p>
<p>Maintenance and recovery vehicles</p>
<p>Food transportation vehicles</p>
<p>Healthservice vehicles</p>
<p>Fire- fighting vehicles</p>
<p>Heavy and construction machines</p>
<p>Hydraulic and pneumatic systems</p>
<p>Hybrid andElectric vehicles</p>
<p>Complementary Materials and equipment</p>
<p>Frame and vehicle manufacturers<em></em></p>
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Association of manufacturer´s union of vehicles, on-vehicle equipments and work machines
29 Alabin Street
Sofia, Bulgaria
+3592 988 40 44
Alexander Chenger
International Relations
+359 2 987 20 64
<p>They produce: metal-working machines and tools, woodworking machines, hydraulics, engine-driven and batterydriven trucks, machines and equipment for the food, tobacco and wine industry, refrigerating engineering, agricultural machinery, heavy machines and equipment, motor vehicles, ships, metal products etc. Members of the Branch Chamber are the casting production firms which traditionally are connected with the machine building. <br /><br />The Branch Chamber member-companies manufacture about 70 % of the Bulgarian machine building products. In order to realize a better coordination in consideration and solution of specific problems concerning firms in one and the same sector, several unions (attached to the Branch Chamber) were established, namely: Foundry Practice Union, Truck Making Industry Union and Refrigerating and Conditioning Machinery Union. By other sector companies wish, new unions could be founded.</p>
<p>The activities of the Chamber are versatile and aimed mainly at supporting the development of the companies and raising the level of their competitiveness. By tradition, the Chamber renders assistance in establishing and enlarging of business connections between Bulgarian and foreign firms and organizations, based on mutual interest. <br /><br />BBCMB is an associated member to the European employers&rsquo; organization of the metal- engineering and electro industries (CEEMET) in Brussels. The Bulgarian foundry union is an integral associated part to the Branch chamber, is also a member of CAEF- the European foundry association.</p>
<p>Agricultural Machinery; Automobile and Motor Machine-Building; Conditioning Machinery; Heavy Machines and Equipment; Machines and Equipment for the Food, Tobacco and Wine Industry; Metal-Working Machines and Tools; Refrigerating Machinery/Engineering; Wood-Working Machines and Equipment; Air Conditioning Equipment; Domestic Appliances; Hydraulics; Hydraulic Elements/Systems/Auxiliary Equipment; Material Handling Equipment; Merchant Equipment; Metal Products; Motor Vehicles; Production of Semi-Finished Products, Engine-Driven and Battery-Driven Trucks; Ship building and Repair; Other Machines, Equipment, Products or Tooling</p>
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<p>The Bulgarian Branch Chamber&ndash; Machine Building is a voluntary legal body. It was established in the autumn of 1991. Members of the Chamber are more than 300 companies &ndash; basic producers from all sectors of the Machine Building.</p>
BBCMB - Bulgarian Branch Chamber - Machine Building is a non-profit association for rendering assistance, encouragement, representation and protection of the interests of its members.
Alabin Str. 16-20
Sofia, Bulgaria
+ 3592 932 09 11
Milena Stoeva
Expert International Economic Relations
+3592 932 09 34
<p>BIA is the only business organization which is a member of BUSINESSEUROPE, a confederate-like European business organization, thus representing the Bulgarian companies and employers&rsquo; interests on a European level. Furthermore, it actively participates in the work of the International Labour Organization (ILO), the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) and the South East European Employers&rsquo; Forum (SEEEF).</p>
<p>BIA is partner in Enterprise Europe Network &ndash; the biggest network supporting SMEs. The Association continues to play an active part in the social dialogue system at national and international level where it upholds the Bulgarian business&rsquo; interests for regulation and administrative changes. The sector organizations which are members of BIA are parties in almost all collective labour agreements. <br /><br />BIA works actively in solving economic problems by provoking public discussions on topical issues and offering constructive possible solutions. BIA was the first to pay attention to the informal economy issue, the severe intercompany indebtedness, the breach of market principles in setting electricity prices etc. <br /><br />BIA has signed cooperation agreements with over 70 national business and employers&rsquo; organizations from the most developed countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and the USA.</p>
<p>Chemicals; Electrical Engineering and Electronics; Elevators, Lifts and Escalators; Environmental Engineering; Freight Forwarding, Transport and Logistics; Machine Manufacturing; Metallurgy; IT Services; Vehicles</p>
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<p>BIA is a nationally recognized organization of employers and participates with its representatives in the operation of all national consultative councils, supervisory and managing bodies of state public institutions.</p>
<p>The expert opinions, proposals and positions of BIA on topical economic issues have been part and parcel from the most important discussions in the country.</p>
BIA - The Bulgarian Industrial Association - Union of the Bulgarian Business is a non-governmental organization founded on 25 April 1980.
About BIA
And Sk. 8 / 9 Cankaya
Ankara, Turkey
+ 90 312 468 37 49
+ 90 312 468 42 91
Fulya ÇInar Önal
+ 90 312 468 37 49
<p>The Association of Turkish Machine Manufacturers (MIB) was established in 1990, as a non-governmental organization. Currently, MIB has over 170 member companies. It is representing not only machine tool manufacturers, but also various companies manufacturing wide range of different machineries, machine parts, accessories and cutting tools. In its portfolio, manufacturers of construction, earth moving, mining and agricultural machineries, machine tools (both, metal cutting and forming), wood working, packing machines and machineries for process industries, food processing and packing machines, ovens, balancing machines are present.</p>
<p>Member companies in the MIB structure realized more than 60% of the Turkish machinery exports in 2014.</p>
<p>The machinery manufacturing industry has particular importance for Turkey, due to its promising development and export potential. MIB plays significant role in the development and growth of the machinery sector. It encourages manufacturers to participate in various international fairs and exhibitions staged abroad and in Turkey, to integrate them to global world market. It also urges manufacturers for conforming EU&rsquo;s essential health and safety requirements for machinery, related with the harmonization works in line between Turkey and EU. MIB, is a member of CECIMO (European Association for the Machine Tool Industries) since November 1999 and PNEUROP (European Committee of Manufacturers of Compressors, Vacuum Pumps, Pneumatic Tools and Allied Equipment) since May 2005.</p>
<p>MIB, has close relations with the similar associations and institutions throughout the world, as well as in Turkey and also maintains permanent connections with the state bureaucracy. Actively participates, promotes and supports members&rsquo; activities in production and export, also tries to enhance the common benefits of all sector companies. Protects members&rsquo; rights and as a result of this, generates solutions for the problems encountered by members and consequently for the sector.</p>
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Association of Turkish Machine Manufacturers
Volkswagen Slovakia a.s.
J. Joná
843 02 
 Bratislava, Slovakia
+421 2 6964 1111
<p>Automotive; Car Parts and Accessories, Car Production, Components for Automotive Industry, Gears, Vehicles</p>
<p>In 2015 we experienced growth in the number of employees by 9.3% up to 10,800. It concerns the greatest number in history and almost 1,000 new jobs in Slovakia. The turnover of the company increased on the year on year basis by 17% to the record level of 7.2 billion EUR. Profit before tax increased by 9% to 213 million EUR.</p>
<p>The company investments in Slovakia increased on the year on year basis by 78% and reached the historically highest level of 414.6 million EUR. They were mainly directed in the construction of new operations. In the last year the volume of component purchases for the production of vehicles, gears and components reached 5.8 billion EUR. Supplies of parts from Slovakia represented the greatest share and amounted to 34.7%, i.e. two&nbsp;billion EUR in monetary figures. Supplies from Germany with 31.3% share and supplies from Hungary with 11.3% share followed. Exports of VW SK reached 7.1 billion EUR in 2015. The company exported 99.6% of the cars produced in Slovakia. The most significant markets were Germany with 36.8%, USA with 13.4% and China with 10% share. The company was established on 30 May 1991 as Volkswagen Bratislava, s. r. o. with 80% share of Volkswagen AG and 20% share of BAZ, a. s. At the beginning the plant employed 112 people who mainly worked manually. The first car originating on the Bratislava plant line was Volkswagen Passat in December 1991. Today more than 10,800 employees work in VW SK using up-to-date technologies, automated technologies and robots to produce vehicles of 6 brands for the Group.</p>
Since 1991 Volkswagen Slovakia (VW SK) has produced more than 4 million vehicles and 6.8 million gears in Slovakia. It belongs to the largest employers, exporters and investors in the country. It employs over 10,800 people. In its plant in Bratislava it produces vehicles Volkswagen Touareg, Audi Q7, Volkswagen up!, Volkswagen e-up!, SEAT Mii, and others.  
Automotive; Car Parts and Accessories, Car Production, Components for Automotive Industry, Gears, Vehicles

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