Since 2002, the BME has been awarding seals of approval for software and electronic platforms that help optimize purchasing and logistics. The focus is on procurement solutions as the core competence of the trade association. In addition to classic purchasing topics such as catalog or supplier management, solutions ranging from sales planning to SAP add-on solutions are tested.

The test is carried out on the basis of criteria catalogs that contain requirements for procurement solutions defined from the perspective of the trade association. This gives purchasing decision-makers and users the assurance that they are procuring software with tested quality standards. Suppliers can prove that their solutions actually meet the expectations of the purchasing department, as verified by a neutral expert body. 

Current seals of approval


Category Software Comany 
Sales Planning/Inventory Management SCT GmbH
Search for supplier Wer liefert was? GmbH
B2B-Portal for PPE and Occupational Safety PSA.PAGE® GmbH
Desktop Purchasing Marbeho Solutions GmbH
  Onventis GmbH
  Soennecken eG
  veenion GmbH
eProcurement Training on the Job Semigator GmbH
eProcurement Specialized Information Haufe Discovery GmbH
  ims Webshop
eProcurement Public Purchasers/Organizations   TEK-SERVICE AG
eSourcing Onventis GmbH
eSourcing / IT Sercie Provider GULP Information Services GmbH
Supplier Management Onventis GmbH
Market Places veenion GmbH
Mobile Procurement Onventis GmbH
Platform for Sustainability IntegrityNext
Supplier Relationship Management Comarch AG
  curecomp Software Services GmbH
  Onventis GmbH
Contract Management Circle Unlimited AG
  otris software AG