BME Sourcing-Help-Desk

Source: BME e.V.

We help you find the suppliers you need and arrange individual online B2B meetings with them.

Due to current circumstances, many companies are suffering supply shortfalls and have to find sourcing alternatives in order to minimize risks on a long-term perspective.

The BME sourcing help-desk enables buyers to find suitable suppliers for current needs in any region (focus: Europe and Northern Africa) or sector (focus: production material and IT).

What we offer

BME and its partners offer to search for suppliers for any challenge you are facing. Based on your individual needs we will send you an individualized supplier list.

If you wish, we will organize individual online B2B meetings with the suppliers of your selection.

 How much does this cost?

Contact us with our individual sourcing needs and we will provide you an effort-related offer.

Your contact person

Giselle Canahuati, BME Sourcing-Help-Desk, Phone: +49-(0)6196-5828-186, [email protected]