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Aumeta is a family-owned Lithuanian manufacturer of industrial welded, machined and forged components as well as mechanical sub-assemblies.

Aumeta, UAB

J. Janonio 6
LT-35101 Panevezys, Lithuania

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AHK Baltic States / Lithuania
Ms. Vilma Areskiene
Phone: +370 5 263 9116 
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Aumeta is a family-owned manufacturer of industrial welded, machined and forged components based in Panevezys, Lithuania established in 1995. Together with our subsidiary Forge LT, we employ more than 100 people and generate around 6.5M Eur of annual revenue.

Since we are a relatively small company, we emphasize perfect communication and tight relationship with our partners. Therefore we seek for partnerships with companies who are looking for long-term relationship and value openess, transparency, great communication and open-mindeness when approaching manufacturing and engineering challenges.

Values, mission and inspiration

Mutual trust, fair and ethical business practises, focus on long-term relationship as well as flexibility - these are our values and what we expect from our business partners. That forms our company mission - operate on the highest professional level and ensure 100% mutual-trust between us and our long-term partners.

As we like to believe, we are a bit unique in terms of our inspirations. Although there are many great companies in metalworking industry, we are mostly inspired by companies working in IT, software and game development. Why? Because most of our strategic development plans evolve around digitalization and we must be inspired by the leaders in it.

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Industrial steel components

We are the most competitive when it comes to production of drawing items according to customer's specifications, which usually include welding, machining and painting processes, usually in small-medium sized batches.

The uniqueness of Aumeta comes from its versatile manufacturing capabilities. Instead of focusing on either welding or machining, we invest our resources info flexibility of our capabilities which ensures cost-saving, more reliability over quality and most importantly, shortens the lead time.

  • Welded structures up to 5 tons in weight
  • Machined structures up to 4200x2100x1100 mm (milling)
  • Machined turning components up to Ø1000 x 5000 mm
  • Materials: steel, stainless steel, aluminium, plastics
  • Milling and turning, nominal batch size of 1 ~ 500 pcs.
  • Machining on 3 or 4 axis machines, Hartford, Haas, Doosan

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Mechanical assemblies

Combining all of our production possibilities and capacity, we are also capable of assemblying all these manufactured items into fully-working machines or mechanical sub-assemblies.

We understand how important the final step of assembly is and fully acknowledge that a very high level of trust must be in place. We earn that trust by fluent and uncompromising communication, constant status updates, inspection reports and leave as little room for the "unknowns" as possible.

The best proof that it is indeed possible is the fact that we are already providing this service and this area is growing quickly.

  • Complete assemblies up to 5 tons in weight
  • Assemblies up to 8000 x 3000 x 2000 mm in size
  • Purchasing of standard components
  • Delivered semi-assembled or fully assembled
  • Testing and inspection according to documentation

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