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Our company was founded in 1992. Core business was supplying of Serbian market with raw materials for chemical, rubber and plastic industry.

BWC Group

Beogradska 129-131
11277 Beograd, Serbia

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Slobodan Rusić
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Radivoje Luković
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335.171.000 din (2018)

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ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001:2015
OHSAS 18001


BWC Group

  • Polyplate
  • Hörmann
  • Water Technologies
  • CNC processing technology

started our long term successful cooperation with Hormann company, which continues today.

2005. part of our company became factory in Batote, Brus municipality, in which we restarted production of special PP and PE plates with continuous investments in technical innovations and capacity increase. Today, we are proud on fact that it is one of the main development generators in Rasinski region. More than 90% of production we are exporting, mainly on German, Italian, Great Britain, USA, and other markets.

2007. started our engagement in field of ecology, production and projecting of waste water treatment plants and oil separators. Our products are based on cutting edge SBR technology. References are numerous, among them CHINAROAD AND BRIDGE CORPORATION (Zemun – Borca bridge); PUTEVI AD UZICE ( corridor X Horgos – Novi Sad); corridor X Donji Neradovac – Srpska kuca….

2018. in our production portfolio we’ve included CNC machined parts produced from our PP and PE plates. First of all, we wanted to anticipate needs of our existing and future customers, and second, to make final product suitable for many different purposes. In this field we are able to satisfy every need of even very demanding customer.

Additional point: from such high – quality plates, on our cutting-edge CNC machines we are able to produce plastic parts suitable for our customer’s needs; endless possibilities makes us absolutely unique!

In 27 years we grew in serious company engaged in different kinds of production. Our products found their place on foreign markets all over the world. We are proud owners of following certificates: ISO 9001 : 2015; ISO 14001 : 2015; BS OHSAS 18001 : 2007.

It is not hard to identify our USP; simply, we are the one and only producer of the pressed plates in region, we are the one and only using that technology. Why is it so important? Because such technology, in combination with special types of materials, for example PE 500 and PE 1000, makes really big difference. Plates produced have very special characteristics, they have higher shock and chemicals resistance, high abrasion and moisture resistance in wide temperature ranges (-100⁰C – +60⁰C). Therefore, they have many fields of application, mainly for temporary roads or platforms, WWTP, galvanization reservoirs, cutting boards, filter plates….

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BWC Beograd – Our Product Portfolio

Our products can be divided in three groups:

1. The first group of our products are pressed plates made of Polyethylene, High molecular Polyethylene ( PE 500), Ultrahigh molecular Polyethylene (PE 1000), Polypropylene, Polystyrene, ABS; due to special characteristics of material used, especially plates made of PE 500 and PE 1000, plates have extraordinary technical characteristics, as high resistance in wide temperature range (-100⁰C – +60⁰C), high moisture and chemicals resistance, and extremely high impact resistance. Therefore, they have many fields of application, mainly for temporary roads or platforms, for example for oil & gas fields, energy transmission sites, wind power industry sites, construction sites, in mining industry, logistics, skating rink construction, for various event sites etc.

In our product portfolio we have reservoirs, waste water treatment plants, galvanization reservoirs, cutting boards (for textile and leader industry), filter plates for filter presses…

More than 90% of our products are being exported, due to it’s innovativeness and high quality, worldwide (Australia, Far East, North and South America, Canada, Europe).

2. Second group of our products are connected with ecology: waste water treatment plants, oil derivative separators, separators of oil and grease, different tanks and vessels made of polypropylene and polyethylene, according to customer’s demand; our WWTP are based on highly advanced SBR technology, the process is fully automatized and computerized with remote control possibility.

3. Different engineered plastics products, produced on our cutting edge technology CNC machines in our modern machining center located in Ugrinovci, Belgrade; practically we can produce anything from plastics, according to our customer’s needs.

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  • Construction/ building materials
  • production and processing of plastics  
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