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Coupa ist der führende Anbieter Cloud-basierter Finanzanwendungen - Beschaffung, Rechnungsabwicklung und Reisekosten.


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Rob Bernshteyn CEO


North America :San Mateo, CA, Chicago IL, San Diego CA, Reno NV, New York, Toronto ON, Vancouver BC EMEA: London, Dublin, Coupa Deutschland GmbH, Paris, Stockholm, Zurich, Amsterdam Asia Pacific: Sydney, Pune, Singapore


NEC Deutschland GmbH,, Sanofi, Greif, Concentrix, Cellerant, H&R Block, Aggregate, Cofely, Amerinet, INTERMEDIA, PGi, World Vision, und Weitere



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About Coupa
Now every employee can help your company save money

Why should the way we buy at work be any different than the way we buy at home? Answer: It shouldn’t. And so Coupa Procurement was born. It doesn’t matter how powerful your procurement software is on the back end - if people can’t or won’t use it you won’t save a dime. We set out to change that, and we succeeded. Companies that use Coupa see unprecedented rates of user adoption. Most of our customers say Coupa makes shopping at work feel just like online shopping at home.

We still weren’t satisfied though, because procurement is not the only way companies spend money. Employees buy things and expense them, or they order things and an invoice shows up. So we asked ourselves another big question: Why should those spending functions operate independently? Answer: They shouldn’t. They’re being artificially siloed by the available point solutions. So, we set out to build a unified suite that brings that same user-centric approach to all of the ways companies spend money, giving you 360-degree visibility of the all the spending that’s happening company wide so you can see and save.

"We’re changing the way people save money and we’re excited about it. There are very few companies that say they’re as smart about spending money as they could be, and we’re passionate about empowering them with software to change that." Rob Bernshteyn, CEO, Coupa Software


Small business accounts payable, expense reporting, and procurement.

Coupa empowers explosive growth businesses with an agile spend management software solution that streamlines small business accounts payable, expense reporting, and procurement. Whether you are preparing for an IPO or simply a small business experiencing rapid growth, savings, compliance, and visibility are key to your success.

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Forward thinking, high-growth companies turn to Coupa to bake spend processes into their growth strategy.

Organizations have significant challenges with spend optimization largely because legacy tools don’t enable employees. It’s difficult for requestors to buy, there’s poor visibility into transactions, financial planning operates in a rear-view mirror, and AP is still largely mailroom and data entry.

Coupa allows you to operate with a leaner back-office, empowering your employees to be more productive while giving them visibility to make smarter decisions.

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Coupa provides Fortune 500s with a unified cloud platform that allows you to wrap your arms around all silos of spend -- procurement, accounts payable and expense management.

Low adoption of legacy software leads to increased maverick spending and poor visibility and controls. Coupa solves adoption issues with an intuitive user interface that resembles familiar consumer ecommerce sites. This combined with enterprise scalability allows your organization to optimize spend, not just manage it.

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Coupa's Spend Management Suite
- Procurement
- Invoicing
- Compliant Invoicing
- Expenses
- Sourcing
- Inventory
- Contract Lifecycle Management
- Budgeting
- Analytics
- AI Classification
- Open Business Network
- Supplier Information Management
- Storefront
- Coupa Advantage

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NEC Deutschland GmbH,, Sanofi, Greif, Concentrix, Cellerant, H&R Block, Aggregate, Cofely, Amerinet, INTERMEDIA, PGi, World Vision, und Weitere


Salesforce on Coupa

Salesforce CIO Ross Meyercord describes the benefits of using Coupa cloud spend management software. He talks about Salesforce initial challenges with procurement and how these were streamlined using innovative spend management software.