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EPA - Estonian Plastics Association ist der führende Handelsverband der estnischen Kunststoffindustrie, ein Sprungbrett für Maßnahmen der Industrie, die zur Nutzung gemeinsamer Gelegenheiten und Lösung gemeinsamer Probleme bestehen.


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10415 Tallinn, Estland






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The mission of EPA is to increase the competitiveness of Estonian plastics-related industries and to build up trustful cooperative network.

EPA, through its direct membership, encompasses entire industrial supply chain of plastic products manufacturing, including polymer suppliers and processors in addition to additive and machinery suppliers.


Supported activities in international level:

1. Market research to find out the Estonian and other markets main trends and potential new clients.

2. Activities based mainly in projects, to help solve problems that are bigger than one industry and also procurements and subcontracts.

3. To coordinate the product development and material testing (plastics training, testing and research center).

4. Further development and extending of occupational training aimed for improving availability of it to all interested parties, and assure the appropriateness to requirements of companies. Develop advanced training in Tartu and Tallinn

5. Building up harmonized quality system to support participation in mayor tenders

6. Build up trustful plastics industries network and map plastics industries competences and problematic issues (visit all member companies once a year).

Branchen - Fokus

Plastics; Additive and Machinery Suppliers; Blow Moulding; Consultations; Extrusion; Extrusion-Film; Injection Moulding; Insulation with Polymeric Foam; Mould Manufacturing; Packaging; Pipes and Profiles; PlasticRecycling; Polymer Suppliers and Processors; Product Manufacturing; Raw Material Distributors; Resin-Based Composites; Rotational Moulding; Sales and Processing of Polyfabricated Plastic Products; Vacuum Forming